Will Stem Cell Penile Enhancement Solve Men’s Problem?

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As the time goes by, the advanced science and technology also leads to the changes of people’s business. The advancements in sciences and technology influence almost everything including the improvement on personal life. Sophisticated technology and science on heath care has led to the innovation of the stem cells. The possibility of the stem cells for growing new human organs has been the hottest issue at the moment.

The advancement on the stem cells for transplantation and also their ability to fight the serious yet life-threatening situations has also become the headlines. The question is that whether the advancement on the stem cell innovation becomes the answer for the improvement on men’s sexual life? Can stem cell provide penile enhancement for better sexual performance?

Medical practitioners once thought if the erectile dysfunction was only caused by some physiological issues. As the advancement on medical technology, the evidences that erectile dysfunction was caused by other factors beside the psychological problems have been piled up. Through the medical examination, it is found that the cause for erectile dysfunction can be from physical factor and also from systemic disease. The systemic diseases causing the erection problem can be from severe diabetes, low testosterone, metabolic problems and the damage of penile cell tissues.

Basically, erectile dysfunction stems fail to response to normal erectile tissues. The inability for the stems to respond to the normal erectile tissues makes the erection fail to happen. This health condition can bring serious problem when dealing with the sexual life. The penile erection happens whenever the nerves make a constant interaction bringing the augmentation and maintenance of the supply of blood to the penis and causing the erection.

The cause of most erectile dysfunction cases is the insufficiency of blood flowing to the penis. Then, this insufficient blood flow obstructs the penile ability to erect. And, this problem is being acknowledged by the erectile dysfunction stems. As mentioned previously, most cases of erection failure are because of the reduction of the blood flow. Alternative medicine has also been prescribed to cure the problem like so-called drugs, vasodilators, which contains Cialis and Viagra.

Other treatment for erectile dysfunction cases is also to give medical injections, penile suppositories or hormone replacements. The penile implants and pumps also become the medical treatments to deal with this case. What becomes the main problem of all these medical treatments is that these medical treatments only offer temporary solutions. In order to be effective, these medical treatments need to be conducted repeatedly and continuously.

However, taking the drugs, like vasodilators, for longer period of time is proven to be ineffective. These drugs can bring dangerous side effects for your body such as stroke and heart attack. The penile implants and pumps are also inconvenient to do repeatedly. The newest solution offered for the erectile dysfunction problem is the stem cell treatments.

From the researches and studies on the usage of stem cells to cure erectile dysfunction problem, the significant result shows that this stem cells shot can bring effective effect to cure the problem. Most enhancement clinics have been implementing the treatment.

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Stem Cell Treatment

There has been the development on medical drugs like Viagra or Cialis because there has been the recognition of nitric oxide can make penile erections. The drugs contain nitric oxide. What fails is that the penile erection only happens when the patient of erectile dysfunction consumes it. The dysfunction of the erection problem can’t be cure permanently. They have to regularly take the drugs.

This medical drug the fails as consuming the drug for long period of time affects the patient’s health. When the patient is suffering from serious disease like severe diabetes which needs several treatments, the nitric oxide within the blood is reduced. This reduction of the nitric oxide within the blood flow brings the erectile dysfunction. Patients looking for cure for their erection failure suggest the therapy for them.

Numerous researches and experiments have been conducted worldwide to investigate how cell therapy can be the possible cure for erectile dysfunction. The researches on autologous stem cell are done to reserve the development of erection issue prevalent. One successful therapy which is really famous at the moment is the stem cell therapy. Therapy using stem cell for the patients is the latest alternative to replace the penile implant and medical drugs.

The stem cell therapy is to identify the tissue defect and other vascular problem on erectile dysfunction patient. This therapy can be repeatedly conducted and it can possibly cure the erectile dysfunction permanently. When being compared to other treatments to cure this issue, the stem cell therapy shows more promising result.

It is widely known that inside the body there are some stem cells present. The main function of these stem cells is to repair and regenerate other bodily cells. These stem cells replaced the broken cells as well as repair cell’s tissues that have been injured. The stem cells are basically being produced naturally inside the body. The stem cells are very useful to virtually regenerate all body tissues. One of them is the penile tissue.

The stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunctional patients is conducted by using the patient’s adult stem cell. The therapy using stem cell triggers the natural capabilities from the body to repair its own broken tissues. How do the stem cells work? They firstly release the grown factors. Then, these stem cells deal with the healing processes by substituting and rejuvenating the broken tissues.

Stem cells are famous for their ability to conduct self-renewal. It means, they are able to produce precise replicas of themselves. These cells are also able to be differentiated into any kind of cell which needs to be replaced or repaired inside the body. They have the ability to regenerate broken tissues structurally and functionally based on the signals or stimuli they get.

When one stem cell is divided into two, both of these divided cells provide the potential to stay as the stem cells like they are originally from or to be a specific cell inside the body like bone, muscle, blood vessel, cartilage, brain or nerve. Eventually, the stem cells will possibly reconstruct the broken blood vessels, overturn scarring, rejuvenate broken nerves, regenerate healthier nitric oxide receptor, and many others to make the penile vital structures normal again for achieving normal erection.

The stem cell procedures are totally safe. This kind of therapy is using the stem cells existing in your own body. Due to this reason, you won’t be facing any allergy, unpleasant rejections or reactions from your body. You won’t need general anesthesia and it eliminates any dangerous side effect of the common anesthesia.

The stem cell therapy is not the process which requires the harvesting of emergent stem cells. When harvesting the emergent stem cells, it can damage the human embryos. The issue of human embryos damage has already raised major political and ethical restriction. As the stem cell therapy only uses the stem cells belonged to the patient’s own body, it doesn’t violate the major political and ethical restriction.

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The stem cell therapy doesn’t need any medical treatment to restrain the patient’s immune system. It also doesn’t cause any problem between the host and the graft. Moreover, the stem cells are easy to harvest. The amount of the cells inside the body are also plentiful specifically the stem cells which are located inside the body fat. During the therapy, the patient is always conscious and he/she doesn’t suffer any pains or minimum downtime.

The stem cell treatment or shot is usually offered in the man enhancement clinics. These clinics are not related to any traditional treatments. These kinds of clinics have been very famous as men are looking for answers on their erectile dysfunction problems which cause some frustrations and some irritating sexual activities.

Types of Stem Cells

For treating erectile dysfunction patients, three different types of grownup stem cells are being implemented; the stem cells obtained from adipose or fat tissues, muscle and bone marrow. These three types of stem cells are also famous with mesenchymal stem cells. It means that these stem cells can be various types of cells inside the body inside the mesodermal layers like muscle, fat, nerve, bone cells and cartilage.


Stem cells obtained from bone marrow have become the stem cells used for the transplantation of bone marrow. However, the stem cells obtained from the fat tissues are also eligible for the stem cell transplant. There has been a huge chance to harvest numerous stem cells from the fat tissues and also allows the possibility to conduct straight re-injection of the stem cells implementing the same procedure of surgery during the harvesting period.

The stem cells to be harvested from the fat tissues are a lot more up to 50 times than the stem cells obtained from the bone marrow. Due to their enormous numbers, they don’t need to be incubated or cultured previously. They also don’t need to be grown inside the petri dish and be injected later at the different date. They can be re-injected directly into the broken area on the day of the stem cell harvesting takes place.

The stem cells harvested from the fat tissues have magnificent healing abilities. They are proven to have stronger capabilities to renew the broken cells because of their great quantity of cytokines and growth factors. Due to their eminence, the stem cells harvested from the fat tissues are very useful to treat the diseased or broken tissues as they release several molecular agents to stimulate the tissue’s host to start the healing action on the broken or injured tissues.

Stem Cell Therapy Results

The results of the stem cell therapy can be found visibly between two until four weeks after the therapy. The improvement of the penile enhancement can be maintained for several months. This great improvement can also give the increase of penile erection and sexual performance at least for some years. The results of the stem cell therapy are also being influenced by several factors such as the patient’s habits, genetics, and lifestyles.

After the therapy, the penile will suffer some conditions such as bruising, swelling and maybe redness for about twelve until twenty four hours. As the results are influenced by several factors, the effectiveness of the therapy can vary. Some patients can enjoy the therapy results for some years. But, there are also some patients who need to get additional shot treatment by using platelet rich plasma to lengthen the effect of the stem cell therapy.

The stem cell therapy procedures don’t require any left scars since it doesn’t use any knives or scalpels during the therapy. You are also not required to general and deep anesthesia. You will get a local anesthesia just to make your skin numb. You can also ask for slight sedative to replace the local anesthesia.

You also won’t suffer any painful treatment. Most patients say that the stem cells injection is just like a gentle pressure as they get their local anesthetic. After the injection, you can also get the soreness on the injected area. This soreness will last for about five up to seven days. The soreness, on the other hand, is controllable. You can always get the mediation for it from your drugstore.

You won’t also experience any down time after the stem cell injection. You can always conduct your activities on daily basis. The problem is probably the inconvenience you get as the swollen injected area hasn’t been fully recovered. It is better to decrease or limit some of your activities until your injected area back to normal. Basically, this stem cell treatment is not covered by the health insurances. Therefore, you need to save your own money to being treated with it.

So, do you think that stem cell therapy is suitable for your erectile dysfunction issues? If you have tried various medications but you are not satisfied with the results, you can always try this new breakthrough to cure your manliness.