Ultrasonic Cavitation Lipo Treatments: The Summary of Your All How and What Questions

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The demand of losing weight has reached to the extent of getting it in a quick time. This has urged many industries to develop various treatments to help people reduce their weights, one of which is the ultrasonic cavitation lipo treatments. It is a revolutionary way of shedding extra fats with high technology. Never heard about this technology yet? Find out the information below:

ultrasonic cavitation lipo treatments

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation Lipo Treatments?

Cavitation Lipo Treatment is a new and revolutionary technology that can combat hard-to-reduce cellulite and fat in the targeted areas of a patient. This new technology in weight loss offers reliable results as well as painless process. The noticeable result can even be seen in less than two sessions. This treatment will surely be the answers of so many dieters’ prayers.

To begin with, let’s see what liposuction is. It is a treatment which is done using a medical instrument which looks like a pen. The pen is medically called cannula. Cannula plays the important role in suctioning out fat under a patient’s skin or the one called subcutaneous fat. Meanwhile, in Lipo Cavitation, a patient will not get poked, injected, or prodded with anything like they are under liposuction. Inst4ead, an ultrasound device is utilized by a medical professional to undergo the treatment.

In undergoing the procedure of the treatment, gel in a small quantity is applied on the skin which becomes the target are of the fat reduction. After that, the ultrasound device is applied to the target area for about 20 up to 30 minutes for each session of treatment. All the steps in the treatment procedure are painless. It is also outpatient, meaning that the treatment doesn’t need any anesthesia given to the patient. Also, the treatment is known for having very few bad side effects.

How Does The Treatment Work?

This treatment seems to offer an instant result of reducing extra fat. But do you know how this ultrasonic device works? What happens to your body when the device is applied to your skin? Where does the fat go?

Cavitation is a treatment which is based on ultrasound with low frequency. Once the ultrasound field is applied to your skin where you have excess fat, it will create bubble in liquid that surrounds the cells of fat. It will then slowly grow and burst inward.

When it explodes, vibrations happen in the fat cells membranes. The membranes cannot resist the vibrations as they do not have structural capacity. As the result, the cavitation breaks the fat cells but spares the muscular, nervous, and vascular tissue. In other words, the ultrasonic device can only be calibrated to the area that become its target, so that there will be no other damage happening to other organs or tissues.

During the 20-30 minute procedure, the ultrasonic waves from the device break down the targeted fat cells. After the fat cells get emulsified and disrupted, the liquid forming the fat cells in triglycerides form is released between cells. The fluid is then metabolized to free fatty acids and glycerol.

The glycerol in the form of soluble water is first absorbed by the circulatory system of the body and then is used as the source of energy. Meanwhile, the fatty acids are delivered to liver to be processed as fatty acids coming from food.

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Fat is a substance that’s solid but it can be excreted through urine. It is possible to happen because cavitation and its ultrasound can create fat emulsification and release the fluid of triglyceride that can be easily eliminated through lymphatic and urine system.



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How Many and How Treatments Should Be Taken?

Most people who have experienced the Lipo Cavitation treatment have seen measurable and noticeable reduction of the excess fat in their bodies only within the first week after the treatment. However, how often can this treatment be taken?

According to a study found in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, Lipo Cavitation treatment is typically scheduled for 10 to 20 weekly sessions. Such schedule is made to achieve the targeted weight loss and the desired body shapes.

Before undergoing the very first Lipo Cavitation treatment, you need to make an initial consultation with your doctor and to undergo a physical exam. The examination and consultation are used to find out whether you are the right candidate for Lipo Cavitation treatment or not. The Lipo Cavitation treatment ideal and proper candidate is the ones who are under a healthy diet and moderately active.

Lipo Cavitation treatment is not aimed for treating a serious obesity although it works effectively for removing unwanted excess fat in the targeted body area. If you are a good and right candidate for the treatment, your doctor will start a discussion about your wanted body shape and goals. After that, you and your doctor will establish a plan of the treatment to obtain what you need.

What Areas of Body Can Be Given the Treatment?

In the initial consultation with you doctor, you and your doctor will also discuss the targeted area of the Lipo Cavitation treatment. There are a lot of areas of our body that can be the target of this treatment. The targeted areas are also almost the same between the treatment for women and the one for men. The areas of the body that commonly becomes the target of Lipo Cavitation treatment are:

  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Face
  • Hips
  • Neck
  • Chin
  • Back
  • Thighs
  • Cheeks

Apart from the list of targeted area above, Lipo Cavitation treatment can also be used to shed the extra breast tissue in men that are so overweight. The treatment for men’s breast area, however, cannot be done to women. This is the one and only limitation of this treatment. Which areas are the most effective in this treatment? Well, all areas are.

What are the Things to Do in Pre and Post Treatment?

This high technology in shaping our body is surely costly. That’s why, if you really want to take this treatment to achieve your desired body goal, you must follow the guidelines of what to do before and after the treatments in order to get the best result.

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Before undergoing Lipo Cavitation treatment, you need to be in a healthy diet and be moderately active. In one week before the D-day of the treatment, 8 cups of water or 2 liter of water a day will be suggested by your doctor. Also, avoiding tanning and alcohol will be another recommendation. You need to make sure that you follow all these recommendations.

Sufficient amount of fluid is needed so that your body can easily process triglycerides and excess fat that will be ‘expelled’ as the result of the treatment. On the other hand, consuming alcohol before the treatment will only limit the function of your liver and getting tanned will make your skin super sensitive to the waves of ultrasonic that you will get from the treatment device.

After the treatment is done, you still need to supply your body with adequate amount of liquid and to give your body regular exercise so that your body can easily process the excess fatty substances and triglycerides expelled during the treatment procedure.

What are the Side Effects of the Treatment?

The Lipo Cavitation treatment seems to be effortless in achieving a desired body goal. However, is the treatment really free from negative side effects?

The side effects of Lipo Cavitation are known to be minimal compared to the one done surgically. The treatment itself is painless. You don’t even need time for any recovery. The possible side effects from this treatment will be just mild bruising, blisters, skin sensitivity, and fluid build-up, at the area where the device is applied. Those side effects, however, will just be moderate.

What is The Long Term of This Treatment You Can Expect?

The immediate noticeable result of Lipo Cavitation is surely the reduction of your body volume and the fatty tissues. Besides, you will also soon get the tone for your body. These results will gradually show up in a few weeks after the treatment as the fatty tissues take time to be broken down.

By takin this treatment, it is not impossible to get a reduction up to 10 cm. The result can also be long lasting although it all depends on how you maintain your “new body”. If you come back to overeating, alcohol drinking, no exercise, and unhealthy diet, extra fat will easily be stored in your cells. It is easy to deposit extra fat after the treatment if you are not attentive and careful to your body.

All of the results of this Lipo Cavitation treatment are various, depending on someone’s treatment area, tissue structure, metabolism, changes in hormone, age, and medication.

The Reasons Why You Should Consider This Treatment

Painless, no recovery time, and minimal side effects are just some of the advantages of using this treatment to obtain your body goal. But there are still plenty of reasons to why you should consider this treatment as your first choice. Here are some:

  1. Apart from being painless, this treatment leaves no scars to your body. All the procedures are non-invasive. However, the presence of scars after the treatment still depends on the clinic you choose. If your clinic and the medical professional are properly trained with ILIPO treatments and ultrasounds, there will be small possibility for you to get scars. In addition to this, you need to tell your doctor or technician about your comfort level so that both you and your doctor can protect your skin.
  2. Lipo Cavitation is also popularly named as body sculpturing, body contouring, and ultra-cavitation. The name suggests the luring effects on your body that you have been dreaming of, doesn’t it?
  3. Lipo Cavitation is deemed one of the most efficient and sophisticated treatment for the reduction of body fat in the world.
  4. The result of the treatment can be noticed immediately. If not, it will just need as few as two sessions to notice the satisfying results.
  5. The treatment is done at the maximum length of time of 30 minutes. During this short period of time, you can feel relaxed and therapeutic.
  6. Lipo Cavitation is not merely about shedding the extra fat cells. It is also about tightening your skin and making it toned with increased definition.
  7. The Lipo Cavitation treatment has been done, tested, and tried by many women and men around the world. The success stories are also plenty. You don’t need to doubt this treatment as the reviews of the treatment can be easily found and read at many websites in the internet.
  8. If you are still doubtful about this treatment, there have been a lot of pre and post treatment pictures showing the dramatic effects of Lipo Cavitation treatment. Go online for this!
  9. Again, if you are still hesitant to try, you may have not known about the certification of this treatment by U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA. This treatment is completely safe.
  10. The trend of using Lipo Cavitation has been promoted by many medical influencers such as Dr. Oz and Fox News.
  11. Not only does Lipo Cavitation help you reduce your body fat, it also promotes a healthier lifestyle because it is usually used for those who are getting difficulties in shedding the last extra kilos after their weight loss. Again, this treatment is not for the obese people.
  12. While this treatment eliminates your extra fat cells, the cavitation effect of this treatment can also target your cellulite. The eliminated cellulite will surely tighten your skin. Although cellulite seems to be an individualized issue, this treatment has been proven to solve this problem and the success rate is up to 70%.
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If you are already under healthy diet and are active but you still have extra fat that won’t go away after some exercises and diet, you can opt for Lipo Cavitation to solve the problem. One thing to remember is to follow all the treatment guidelines.