The Truth of Lypo Spheric Vitamin C Side Effects

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Have anyone ever heard about lypo-sheric vitamin C before? Since the term is glued on the name, there must be a difference compared to the daily dose of vitamin C. The patients prescribed with this supplement should not take it easy. It brings higher dosage and even upgraded with certain technology.

What Is The Meaning Of Lypo Spheric?

Some pharmacists and clinicians also call this supplement as “Vitamin C on steroids”. It doesn’t mean that the vitamin could give similar effect of muscle growth as steroid does. The title is given as lypo sheric vitamin C applies Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET). With this technology, the ordinary vitamin C could do several more beneficial things it cannot do previously.

As an example, lypo spheric vitamin C could find its way to the digestive system. The product without LET should go through digestive process first. For lypo spheric items, this is not the case; the vitamin C is assimilated prior to consumption. Thus, the digestive system could immediately absorb the essential nutrients needed.

Aside of the guidance to the digestion track, lypo sheric vitamin C will be absorbed in a flash in small intestine, allowing the acidic supplement to reach liver faster. Another advantage of LET is the power release. Instead of distributing the vitamin all at once, the liposomal material metabolized by the liver is distributed in several releases throughout the body.

For the instant assimilation mentioned previously, it could be guaranteed for the maximum performance. In addition, there is no binder, gelatin, fillers, capsule materials, sweeteners, flavorings, or dyes in the item. This fact makes lypo sheric vitamin C one of the purest supplements for the body.

Why LET Is Invented?

If the ordinary vitamin C could give similar progress as the lypo spheric one, there won’t be LET. When a person consumes the acidic supplement, there are several factors that could reduce or even break the nutrients. Take a look back to the manufacturers. Believe it or not, there are several additives and making procedures that lower the digestibility and bio-availibility of vitamin C.

To tackle this problem, the manufacturers’ idea is adding binders and filers (commonly known as buffered). This step is expected to help digestion process in stomach. In order to make the shelf life longer, the vitamin C is often “cooked” or “esterified”.

Now consider the chemical process while vitamin C is kept in the storage bottle. A bottle of vitamin C contains around 20 to 30 capsules. Each time the person opens the bottle, free radicals in the air could oxidize the vitamin C. The longer the supplement kept, the more oxidation process happens. It hasn’t reached the digestive system yet.

Even though the vitamin C could make its way into the digestive track, there are still a long way to go before the nutrients could reach the small intestines. Think about saliva, digestive juices, and also bile salt as well as the microorganism along the track. Never think about taking double or three times stronger dosage. Instead of delivering more vitamins, it will cause gas, cramp, and even diarrhea.

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What Makes Lypo Spheric Vitamin C Different?

Since the distribution of vitamin C to every cell is guaranteed, the modern supplement must have a different approach. Instead of packing the nutrients in a capsule, lypo spheric vitamin C make a uni-dose. It looks like tiny grain of sand under naked eye, but each of them has unique seal. The function of the seal is to protect the nutrients from any kind of degradation, assuring maximum absorption.

As the uni dose makes its way through the digestion track, it also protects GI tracts. With this kind of guard, there will be no upset stomach (gas or diarrhea) after the consumption. At last, the unit could slip into blood circulation and rejuvenate any damage cells that need nutrients.

What about The Suggested Use Of Lypo Spheric Vitamin C?

Before answering this question, it is important to understand that almost all humans have a defect in the gene that deactivates the production of L-Gulonolactone (GLO). This element is required by the liver to administer the synthesis process of vitamin C. Therefore, a person is suggested to meet the minimum requirement of vitamin C.

For dietary supplement, the recommended dosage is one or two packets per day. This dosage would help to maintain heart, liver, kidney, and the other cells health. Since it is not a capsule or tablet, the patients could mix one ounces of the vitamin C squeezed from the packet to the favorite drink. It is important to keep empty stomach before drinking the supplement and keep it that way for the next 15 minutes.

When a quarter hour has passed, then the person can enjoy the meal. Keep in mind that mixing the vitamin with hot beverage is not recommended. The same rule applies for blending or pouring it into food processor. If the person wishes to divide one packet to two times consumptions, then reseal the pack or keep inside a sealer bag. Don’t forget to put it in the refrigerator and grab it within the next 24 hours.

After storing the vitamin for some time, the patients might see that the package expand a little bit. This is normal as the air inside the package will do the trick. This condition won’t affect the effectiveness of lypo spheric vitamin C. Make sure to keep the lypo spheric vitamin C away from the direct sunlight and wet place. It is best to keep it in a cool, dry place. Remember: freezer is not considered a good storage place.

What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin C?

When distributed properly, vitamin C could help a lot of parts of your body cells. For instance, there will be no bacteria or fungi that could give further infection once the acidic vitamin joins the blood stream. That is why many cancer patients receive high dosage of vitamin C, injected to the intravenous tube.

Cancer cell is known to be fond of sugary element. Since vitamin C has similar chemical bond to sugar, it is easily absorbed by the cell. Later on, sugar is required in proliferation and development process. This is where the acidic vitamin brings adverse effect to the cancer cell. High dosage of vitamin C is capable of creating oxygen as long as it contacts iron element in blood.

In the other hand, cancer cell could only survive in anaerobic environment (the one without oxygen). The combination of iron and high vitamin C is hydrogen peroxide and then turns into oxygen. It is a toxic for cancer cells and kill them.

Besides killing the pathogen, vitamin C also plays the guard role and also strengthens body immune system. Not only cells, internal organs also get the mutual benefits from vitamin C. For example, liver will be able to metabolize glucose, thus helping body to regulate blood sugar level. Vitamin C, in this case, becomes the stabilizers.

There is also an interesting result from a study conducted by University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine. The researchers test the effect of having high level of vitamin C in the blood. The finding mentions that this condition might reduce the possibility of dying from various diseases up to 50%.

How Long Is The Shelf Life?

Just like many other manufactured product, there must be a “best before” period for the patients and costumers to look for. If this date is to be counted from the manufactured day, it would be 18 months. However, this system is quite difficult to use because usually there is no production date. On the package, there is only expiry date, month and year.

The great thing about lypo spheric vitamin C is it could be used up to 12 months after purchased. The only condition is to keep it in a proper place; the dry and cool one.

Is There Any Reported Lypo Spheric Vitamin C Side Effects?

As explained previously, when the lypo spheric vitamin C is consumed as the daily supplement for health, the process is totally safe for digestive track. In fact, the absorption level is so high that even the cellular layer could get its ransom. Now it would be a different story for the use of lypo spheric vitamin C as a medication for some patients with special case.

Until now, there is no lawsuit file claimed against lypo spheric vitamin C mentioning about the adverse effect. The term for body system reaction during the repairing process is usually called “Herxhemier Response”. For your information, high dosage vitamin C is also known as the most potent anti-microbial agent. A living pathogen in human body might not show any symptom, but it could be tracked by the doctors.

When lypo spheric vitamin C is prescribed, the nano elements will attack and kill these pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi, etc) in large scale. In the normal body cleaning system, the dead pathogen needs to be removed immediately before it triggers new illness. However, since the cleansing by lypo spheric vitamin C is on huge scale, the body might over riding itself.

As the result, “Herxheimer Response” or “die-off” symptoms occur. The symptoms include headache, diarrhea, bloating, skin rash, and many others. Of course, none of these signs are comfortable for the patients, but it is part of the cleaning process. The doctors or clinicians usually warn the patients that the symptoms will disappear in less than a week.

The problem is that sometimes the symptoms reach the unbearable points. In this case, the patients are allowed to take the other medications to address each specific symptom. For example, painful headache should be cured with paracetamol, ibuprofen, or any other medication the patients usually take.

If the patients are afraid to take full dosage on the second day, it is usually okay to reduce the dosage to half. Once the rash, diarrhea and other signs are gone, the dosage should go back to normal.

Is There Any Medication That Should Not Be Taken Together With Lypo Spheric Vitamin C?

Some people might think that it is okay to combine vitamin C with any kind of medication. Isn’t it just a smere supplement? Now that you have learned about the strong lypo spheric vitamin C side effect while doing the cleaning job, maybe there are several drugs that slow down the work or make the effect even worse. If the patients notice any word Coumadin or Warfarin, they should ask for the other drugs from the doctors.

This warning actually applies for all kind of vitamin C. Coumadin and Warfarin are two agents that push blood thinning. Combining any of them with vitamin C will make the effect weaken. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the patients to consult their doctors before taking both medication together. Usually, the dosage of Warfarin or Coumadin will be slightly raised to achieve similar effect.

Is It Recommended To Take Lypo Spheric Vitamin C?

It doesn’t take long for lypo spheric vitamin C to raise up to the highest level of popularity. Only years after being released to the market, many doctors and clinicians already prescribed the supplements for their patients. Of course, there are several skeptical parties that doubt the effectiveness of the property. With so many evidences and researches, they slowly pay more attention.

The manufacturers even try a step further to develop the product. Initially, the lypo spheric vitamin C is only available in powder. A number of factories try to market the liquid one. Unfortunately, only few that are willing to buy. The liquid form requires ice package to maintain the content. This make the price double for a single item.

There is a reason why the modern technology applied; the initial vitamin C products brings several pros and cons among the patients. Some doctors specifically mentioned that lypo spheric vitamin C works better for the patients. Thus, any kind of information about bad lypo spheric vitamin C side effects could be ignored