All Things You Need to Know about Testosterone Cream for Men

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Testosterone is undoubtedly an important hormone for men. Unfortunately, as a man ages, the level of his testosterone begins to drop. To overcome this problem, medical world has developed what is called testosterone cream. If you plan to try this product, you better watch out some important information so that you can conduct any necessary action.

Testosterone and Testosterone Cream

Testosterone is an important hormone in a man’s body that is produced mainly in testicles. As a man, this male hormone plays many significant roles. While it helps a man regular libido or sex drive, it also distributes fat, strength, sperm, red blood cells, and muscle mass throughout the body.

Besides, this hormone also helps a man maintain his important features such as deepened voice, body and facial hair, and mass. Testosterone is usually at its peak when a man is entering his early adulthood. Unfortunately, this hormone is slowly declining when a man gets older.

That being said, men always work hard to maintain the quantity and also the quality of their testosterone. However, some of them are just born unlucky by having this hormone in deficiency. Even worse, as getting older is inevitable; the fact that this male hormone also gets worse as they age is too.

To help men, especially the weightlifters, many medical companies have tried to produce testosterone cream. This product is hormonal supplement that is applied by rubbing it on skin. This product may have been called as a cream, yet, it is actually in a form of a liquid solution or a gel.

This supplement is specifically made to help men overcome hypogonadism, a condition where a man is unable to produce enough testosterone. In other words, this product is given to men having testosterone deficiency and those who need a help to combat their natural decline of testosterone hormone in their body.

This male supplement has several different applications. This product has also been more and more popular, especially among athletes and weightlifters due to its ability to ease the growth of muscle. What an athlete needs to do is simply infusing his muscle with testosterone in a high concentration. What is more, this product has been getting more-well known as the application of it won’t require the user to take any blood tests nor medical supervision in a regular basis.

How It Works

Among its popularity, another reason why more and more men opt this testosterone cream is to get rid of getting injections. Getting injections can lead a man to numerous side effects, one of which making regular visit to a doctor. Besides, another great part of this cream is that you will not have that typical lows and highs of testosterone as what happens with getting testosterone injections.

As mentioned above, this cream is used by applying it directly on your skin. As you apply this cream daily, this cream will gradually help you increase the level of your testosterone by absorbing through the skin. Once it is absorbed, it will sink into your bloodstream.

The way this cream works is actually as how most lotions do. It is applied, then it is absorbed into the skin, and it gradually works by raising the level of testosterone. The main purpose of using this cream is of course pulling the level of the hormone back until it reaches the normal range.

Although you may not necessarily undergo a blood test, you may have to take it if you aim for the best result of the cream application. The result of the blood test will reveal what you and your body actually need from the cream application. As the result, your doctor will know the proper amount of the cream needed applying and will not pulling the level of your testosterone way too high.

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Where and How to Apply the Cream

Now that you have known what testosterone cream is and how it is supposed to be used, you also need to check these following handy information about the right and proper way to apply it to your skin. The right way of applying it will result in the better result of the cream application.

  • Step 1

Before starting the application, make sure you already know your goal of using the cream. If you are aiming for particular muscles, for example, you will have to apply the cream on the necessary areas. Meanwhile, if you are only aiming for the general use of this cream, you will just need to apply it to the common spots of your body.

  • Step 2

To make most of the use of testosterone cream, make sure you know the areas of your skin that should be your target. Choose your skin area that are less hairy and that has significant and better blood flow. If your target areas are covered in hair, spare some time to do shaving.

Some popular and common spots for this cream application, for example, are thighs, inner arms, and the back part of your knees. Once you know the target areas, apply the cream to those spots thoroughly so that you can give the best effect to specific muscles.

  • Step 3

Know which part of your body that should not be applied with this cream. Do remember that you are not supposed to apply testosterone cream to your genitals, unless your doctor, with their special prescription, recommends so. The use of this cream is only advisable at the area when you are under a treatment of hormone deficiency or doctor’s order.

  • Step 4

Check the condition on how you should apply the cream. The recommended usage of the cream is not more than once a day. Besides, it is also not recommended to use testosterone cream for more than two months continuously.

Equally important, you need to try to avoid smoking when you are under the usage of testosterone cream. Otherwise, you will only counteract the efforts of the medication. Additionally, it is advisable to apply the cream 60 minutes or so prior any sexual activity or physical activity. It is all about maximizing the result of the testosterone cream usage.

Side Effects of Testosterone Cream

Although testosterone cream has been proven to bring some good effects to men, the use of it, however, still brings some side effects that no man should ignore. Knowing what the side effects are can help any man to use it more carefully and do some preventive actions accordingly. Here are some of them:

To begin with, let’s start to check out the side effect which is the most common among men using testosterone cream. This side effect is skin reaction. As you apply this cream to your skin directly, you may suffer from a reaction at the site of the application. How to know if you develop a skin problem then? You may be alert to particular symptoms.

Some of the symptoms you need to pay attention to more are itching, dry skin, burning, rash, swelling, redness, blistering, and soreness. To minimize the risk of getting skin problem, you need to make sure that the cream application is at the unbroken and clean skin. Also, make sure you read application direction written on the cream package prior the application to your skin. It is also advisable for you to immediately see your doctor if you happen to see any skin reactions.

The next side effect of testosterone cream is the changes in urinary. Believe it or not, topical testosterone also brings some effects to your urinary. The effect of this cream to your urinary includes the increasing frequency of urinating especially at night. What is more, even when you think your bladder is not yet full, you will get an urgent feeling to urinate.

Apart from that, the symptoms are also blood in urine and urinating trouble. Again, if you happen to see any changes to your urine after the application of testosterone cream, go visit your doctor immediately.

In addition to the side effect of topical testosterone, you also need to be aware of getting out of sorts. The symptoms of this side effect are unfortunately not common. However, if you happen to feel lightheaded, dizzy, or wanting faint, you may develop symptoms from the use of testosterone cream. Furthermore, you also need to be aware of your ears in case you hear pounding sounds and or hot flashes.

These symptoms may suddenly disappear though. But there is always a possibility for them to come again. If you think that the symptoms keep coming back continuously, visit your doctor.

Besides, testosterone cream can also bring some changes to your breast. Although this side effect is quite rare, the use of testosterone cream can result in this unexpected effect. If you are wondering why this can happen to a man, you may have never heard about the ability of your body that can turn testosterone into estrogen hormone. The more the estrogen you have, the more the breast tissue you are producing.

The breast changes as the side effects of the use of this cream include swelling, soreness, pain, and tenderness. If you worry about this side effect, make sure you consult your doctor prior the use of the testosterone cream.

The last side effect of the use of testosterone cream is the effects on your emotion. Although most of men are able to tolerate the treatment of testosterone quite well, you may belong to the small group of men that can develop this side effect of being emotional. Watch out for the symptoms to know whether you develop the bad effect.

The symptoms are depression, mood swings that are quite rapid, paranoia, overreaction to daily situations, crying, nervousness, and anxiety. Some may say that this emotional side effect rarely happens to a man. Yet, if they do happen, they can be very serious. Go talk with your doctor to check any symptoms you think you are developing.

Special Precautions to Follow

Be it with or without any doctor prescription, you still have bunches of precaution that needs paying attention regarding the application of testosterone cream. All the precautions below are listed as one of the preventive way to minimize the side effects of the cream application.

Although testosterone cream is not really like a “medicine”, your doctor may suggest your some special dietary instructions that you need to follow. Otherwise, you can go on with your normal diet. Besides, your doctor may also suggest you a certain dose for the cream application.

But, what are you supposed to do if you forget the dose? As soon as you remember, simply apply the dose that you think you just missed. Yet, if it is approaching the time for the next application or the next dose, just go on with your regular schedule. Don’t try to make up the missed dose by double applying the cream.

The next precaution you should not belittle is your honesty when you are having consultation with your doctor or pharmacist. Tell them any nonprescription and prescription vitamin, supplements, medications, and herbal product you are currently taking or are going to take. Your doctor and your pharmacist will take this information on their consideration regarding the right does of the testosterone cream so that they can monitor the reaction of your body after the cream application such as side effects.

The last precaution is still about telling your doctor and pharmacist the right information about you. Tell them completely the real condition of your health or your medical record. Let them know whether you have high blood levels, kidney, and liver, heart, or lung disease. These information will also be their consideration on giving you the best recommendation on how to take the testosterone cream properly.

Testosterone cream’s been proven to be useful for a man who wants to pull their testosterone hormone to the normal level. Although you may not need any special pre-treatment prior its application, conducting blood test and having consultation with a doctor or a pharmacist are still highly suggested for the best result of the cream usage