Things You Need to Know about Skin Weft Hair Extensions

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As a part of life style, skin weft hair extensions are undoubtedly a consideration for us, especially women. Putting some new looks to our hair will surely boost our confidence. However, there are many things that we have to consider first before doing that, too. Here are the facts we need to know about skin weft hair extensions.

Real Human Hair Extensions or Synthetic Hair Extensions?

First thing first. If this is your first time of having hair extension, then you should take note at this one. Basically, there are two types of hair extensions; real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Both types have same purposes; to extend our hair or to add the length of our hair. However, there are always differences between two of them to be considered. But what makes them different? Take a look at these lists.

  1. How They are Made

The first type of hair extensions are just like what it sounds. The hair that is used is made out of real human. It is collected from people who are willing to donor their hair, and it is usually from top to bottom. These types of extension also make the most of remy hair and its intact cuticle, having the same direction of growth when it was collected. It means that there will be no tangling up in the process and it also ensures the cuticles will be rolled in the same path of direction from its root to the tip.

On the other hand, just like how we call it, synthetic hair extensions are made out of various synthetic, blended fibers and surely there is no human hair. The hair that is used in this type of extensions is all made out of fibers. This is where you need to put your concern at. You have to make sure that those plastic fibers that are manufactured for imitating the real hair is the fine one, if you do not want to ruin your hair.

  1. Its Look and Feel

Both types of extensions are offered in many colors, styles and surely different forms to be applied too. Another important point is where you have to put your attention at. Since the synthetic hair extensions are not made of real human hair, its ability to blend with your hair is also different from the real human hair extensions.

The quality of the synthetic fibers can be varied, but generally, they will move and stiff differently compared to the real human hair extensions. They probably will not blend really well with your natural hair. Sometimes you will fell a slight coarse or wiry difference on the touch if you really feel it. Of course, real human hair feels and looks more real because it is actually real human hair. No doubt if it will also blend naturally with your hair.

  1. The Coloring and Styling

It is no secret if both types of hair extensions will also require different approach in the coloring and styling. When you have decided to go for synthetic hair extensions, consider that you cannot afford to color your hair with dyes that contain too much bleach or ammonia because it will simply damage the synthetic hair. In fact, you cannot risk styling the synthetic hair using the same methods you apply to the real human hair because the heat can possibly destroy them. Avoid using things like blow dryer, straighteners or curling irons because it will melt them and causing bigger damage.

Not only that, other factors like harsh or friction hair products or even too much sun shine can also cause damage to synthetic hair extensions. On the contrary, if you have decided to go for real human hair extensions, you can always treat it like your own hair. Since they are made out of human hair, you can simply color or style them with the ways you like.

  1. The Difference in Quality

Since synthetic hair is cheaper then the real human hair, there are also some trade off between them. The synthetic hair, unsurprisingly, do not last as long as real human hair since they can easily be damaged by so many factors like heat, sun, too much dyes, etc.

Overall, synthetic hair last for a few months, only. While the real human hair can last at least one year if you take well care of them. On average, remy human hair can last for about one year. That is why the real human hair extension will last longer than the synthetic one.

Real Human Hair Extensions is More Recommended

So far, we have known what the differences between real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions are. From the four compared aspects above, it turns that real human hair will give us more beneficial results. They can be treated and styled just like our own hair and surely will also feel and look natural.

Real human hair extensions will also last much longer than the synthetic one, and will blend more easily with your hair. On the other side, synthetic hair does not look as natural as the real human hair, much harder to be styled and surely do not last as longer as real human hair.

Now that you have understood about the types of hair extensions, it is time to know more about skin weft hair extensions. Basically, there many methods that you can apply, once you have decided whether you will go for real human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. Skin weft hair extensions are one of the methods that you can apply to your hair.

But the following questions are; What are the other methods? How is this method compared to the others? What are the advantages and the disadvantages of applying this method? Keep reading this article to find the answers.

What are Skin Weft Hair Extensions?

skin weft hair extensions

Skin weft hair extensions are also popularly known as tape-in hair extensions. This is exactly like they sound. The main idea of this hair extension method is to make your hair longer by adding taped hair. The extensions are taped at first, and then you remove the tape and put the extensions on any side of your own hair.

Normally, you will need a hairdresser to help you in the process. They will apply the tape-ins for you because you will need to align the extensions to the roots of your own hair. The extensions are applied with heated tools which heat up the glue. Additionally, you will need a glue remover to have them removed and then installed again.

You have to be careful in this process because it can cause damage to your hair when you apply too much heat to your roots using adhesive product like tape or glue. Therefore, you need to always check the temperature of tool to avoid any damage to your hair. The process normally takes approximately 40 minutes to one hour to be applied. You can re-use the extensions if they are in good condition.

The Treatment

Talking about the treatment, note that you have to be extra careful in using any hair products or conditioners, since it can make the tape to come loose or even slip off. The hair slides of is actually a common issue when you are dealing with tape-ins.

For that reason, all hairdressers usually suggest you to use special shampoo or conditioner and any hair styling products which are friendlier and are not too oily to make sure that the glue sticks strongly to your hair. It is true that you can always style them anyway you want because this methods apply real human hair, but it is also important for you to always watch out for the roots where the glue sticks to your hair.

How Long Do They Last?

This kind of method is considered as semi-permanent. Basically, they will last 6-12 weeks before you need to remove and then apply them again. But once again, just like any other hair, it will more depend on how well you take care of the extensions. Your hair growth also takes part on how long they will last, too.

What are The Other Methods?

As it is explained before, skin weft hair extensions are only one of the methods that you can choose to be applied to your hair. There are four other methods that are popularly known if we talk about hair extensions. They are sew-in hair extensions, fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions, micro-link hair extensions, and wigs and hair pieces.

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The Pros and Cons of Skin Weft Hair Extensions

It is a sure thing that there will be pros and cons whenever we discuss about something. In this case, we will figure out the advantages and the disadvantages of applying skin weft hair extensions method. You can the advantages as pros and the disadvantages as cons.


  1. Easy to Apply

It is no doubt that applying this method is easier compared to other methods. Normally, it will take one hour at the maximum to install the hair extensions. Surely it saves you many hours if you compare to other methods. The extensions can also stay on year head for at least 6-12 weeks if they are installed properly.

  1. Less Damage

Do not worry about hair loss because tape-in hair extensions are your best friends in the case of treating hair. The elements that are used in this method allows you to have healthier hair since the extensions are friendlier compared to other methods. It will surely keep the extensions last longer.

  1. Blends Naturally

The next advantage of applying this method is how the extensions will blend naturally with your own hair. Since they were made out of real human hair, there is no need to worry about people noticing your hair extensions. As long as you place the extensions on the perfect spot of your head, it will not look like you are having one.

  1. More Styling Options

The last advantage is, of course, you will have more styling options to your hair. The fact that they are made out of real human hair allows you express your style through your hair. Surely it is an advantage since you will find difficulties if you apply some other methods.


  1. Requires Patience

If you want to go to a concert, you have to buy the ticket. It also happens when you apply tape-in hair extensions. For about 48 hours after the installation, you have to resist the need of doing any hard physical activities or even wash your hair since the tapes have not properly bonded yet by then. The same treat goes to shampoos or any oily styling products since they may cause the taped panels to slip from your head. The only way is by being gentle, at least for the next 48 hours.

  1. Not Cheap

If you really want to install these tape-in hair extensions, then you will keep going no matter what it takes. Installing tape-in hair extensions is not cheap, but it will not be expensive either. The fact that they can be used or installed up to one year makes you realize that it is actually effective to afford. Therefore, the price seems not a problem if you really want to install tape-in hair extensions. In fact, the other methods actually cost almost the same as this method.

  1. Longer Maintenance

The last disadvantage that you will probably consider is how you maintain the hair extensions afterward. If the tape-in hair extensions are installed properly, it will take at least every four to six weeks to maintain them. For some people, they will not have much time to afford that. Therefore, you have to make sure that you will provide enough time if you have installed this kind of hair extensions.

Extending our hair is one of the solutions for those who want to look different. Some people like to be noticed and some people do not. Skin weft hair extensions are the perfect way for those who want to extend their hair without being noticed.