How is Sleep Science Mattress Good for You?

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Having a good night sleep is very important for everyone after having a super long and tiring day. It is also important since a good night sleep will increase your health both mentally and physically. To do so, some people rely on using the sleep science mattress, but does it really help?

What is sleep science mattress?

 Lots of home owners must be very familiar with memory foam mattress that is believed to be the best mattress for everyone. Based on that reason, sleep science mattress becomes the companion for the home owners to enjoy the good night sleep.

There are two kinds of mattress that you can choose here, like the memory foam material and the latex material. Each of them has different functions and different prices, and you can choose which one is the most suitable for you.

However, in the current issue, the mattress made of memory foam surely brings lots of benefits for lots of people, not to mention, this kind of mattress can also be complete nuisance for its users. That is why more and more home owners tend to choose the mattress made of latex over the memory foam nowadays.

What Memory Foam is

 Since this product is made of memory foam, it is better to understand more about what memory foam is. Memory Foam is actually used for a long time in the spaceship equipment to prevent some dangerous injury for the astronaut. This material is very good since it can spread the pressure and later on, this kind of material is used to make mattress and pillow.

sleep science mattress

 As mentioned before, the mattress and the pillow made of memory foam are believed to help lots of people, especially for those who have problem with back pain. Since memory foam can spread the pressure, it can follow your body shape and adjust the bodyweight equally. As a result, you will feel fresh when you wake up in the morning without having the back problem.

This memory foam is unlike the usual mattress, since you will find some parts of your body unsupported when you lie down or when you lie on the side of your body. The usual mattress will make the spine, the neck, and the shoulders tense, and you will end up feeling pain as you wake up in the morning. In long term use, you will have a problem with your bone health that will affect your body posture.

 The Pros

  •  Comes With Different Sizes and Materials

 The competition among the furniture companies is very tight since memory foam is one of the high demand products. They are all competing to satisfy the market needs to produce different kinds of memory foam products.

Since memory foam mattress is also very popular, the furniture companies make different kinds of mattresses that you can choose from the king size, queen size, single size, and many more. Basically, you can find different sizes of this sleep science mattress, starting from 7 inch to 13 inch.

This is the highlighted point from this product since those mattresses will cover lots of family members from the children to the parents. Having the different sizes will be very helpful for both short and tall people to avoid curling in the bed. It will of course help you get a better position and it will straighten your bone and repair the bad posture.

Besides having different sizes, this product has different materials with different levels of firmness. Basically, it has two materials which are memory foam and latex. Each material has different strengths and weaknesses that will affect your health later on. As a result, of course, you will also find different prices for every bed since they have different sizes and materials.

  • Adjustable Base

 In buying this mattress, you will be offered to buy the bed frame with the adjustable base that is usually used in hospitals. This kind of bed is used since it is very beneficial to help the patient to recover faster. Similar to the hospital bed, you will be able to adjust the base based on your needs to accommodate your activities and make you healthier.

This feature will be very helpful for those who have the back problem since you will be able to adjust it to make the upper and lower body of yours in much more comfortable position. You can also use this feature while reading or watching TV or any kind of activity, and it will help you avoid having the neck and back problem.

By adjusting the bed, you will also able to cure lots of sleeping problems, like snoring and insomnia. It is because you are able to breathe freely since this kind of bed will allow your body organs to move the air easily. Besides, you do not need to change your sleeping position frequently since you can simply adjust it to accommodate you finding the comfortable sleeping position.

  • Comes With Zip

 Lots of home owners stop using memory foam bed since they have difficulty in finding the right bed cover. They end up using the same bed cover over and over again, and they will face a bad odor and dangerous bacteria that will disturb their lung health. Besides, having the same cover for your bed will be very bad for your skin and your bed will be the best place for bed bugs to grow.

Luckily, this product comes with zip that will allow you to wash the cover regularly. You just need to simply unzip the cover and wash it using your washing machine, and it will of course let you to breathe fresh air every time in your sleep to avoid the lung problems. Then, you will avoid having skin problems and you will prevent the bed bugs that will disturb you in your sleep.

 The Cons

  •  Quality Decreases

 Some home owners who choose this product for their bed claim that they experience the decreasing quality of the mattress in three years of using. They claim that the mattress sinks and leaves a mark in their sleeping side. Compared to other memory foam mattresses, this product quality is far more left behind since other mattresses will have longer lifespan for up to 7 years of using.

This product also claims to have the wedge edge to support its users when they are sitting on the side of the bed. Unfortunately, this wedge edge sags a certain period of time and it makes the users slip off of the bed, especially for the mattress with the latex material. Besides, the home owners should sit closer to the center of the bed to prevent sagging.

The decreasing of the quality will also be dangerous for your health later on. It will affect your sleeping quality since it no longer has the best quality to spread the weight equally. You will have the lung problem and insomnia problem again. Then, of course, you will have the same back pain problem like in the past and it will be worse this time.

However, not all of the home owners complain about this product quality since it only happens to the product with lower prices. If you happen to have limited budget, you are not suggested to buy this kind of product and you need to save more money to buy the expensive one to get the best quality for getting the best sleep quality.

This kind of mattress absorbs the users’ body heat and tends to make you ‘sleep warm’. Therefore, this mattress is also not suitable for those who are sweating a lot in their sleep. Some home owners claim that the ‘sleeping warm’ feature offered by this company is not really true since you will end up feeling excessive heat.

  • The Base is Very Pricey

 Not all of the product variations come with the adjustable base and you need to buy it separately. The base you buy will need to have the same size with the mattress itself and it turns out that the base costs more than the mattress.

However, some product variations like Split King and Split California King are sold with the base, but of course, the prices are slightly higher than the others. Besides, you will find it hard to find a certain base for a certain product since they have limited availability.

  • Bad Smell for Days

 Lots of home owners claim that this product has bad smells since they are made of polyurethane that produces the smells like the smell of new cars, new clothes, or paints that last for several days. This smell is caused by dangerous chemicals produced by lots of industrial products like most of the memory foam materials.

Even if the smell would not last for more than four days, you will start feeling the bad effect on your body. This kind of smell is actually dangerous for your health, especially for those who have allergic issue. You will start feeling the dizziness, throat irritations, skin allergic or others, headache, and many more.

If you happen to have the same problem with other products with polyurethane, you are strongly suggested to avoid the product with memory foam material. Then, you are suggested to choose the latex material with no polyurethane component to avoid the further health problem.

  •  Dangerous Components

 Memory foam material, compared to latex material, is believed to have lots of dangerous components for your health. As mentioned before, it has polyurethane component, but it also has other possible components that are not mentioned in the product descriptions, like methyl benzene, acetone, methylene chloride, and formaldehyde.

Those components, similar to polyurethane component, are believed to be very toxic related to the eye and lungs problems, irritation, and adhesive reaction. In a long term use, you will find yourself have several health problems. Some claim that the most dangerous effect of having those components is the lead to cancer.

Should You Use it?

 Then, the rising question about this product is whether to use it or not and which material is the best choice for you. Actually, you need to consider it based on your own needs since this product has its own pros and cons listed above.

For those who have enough budgets to buy the expensive one, you are suggested to do so since the quality is better than the cheaper one. On the other hand, if you can only afford to buy the cheaper one, you need to rethink about it since the quality will not last longer and you will need to but the new one in the short future time.

Then, if you are not disturbed with allergies or bad smells of the polyurethane component, you can choose the memory foam material. But, if you are disturbed with polyurethane component and you want to choose the safer material to minimize the health problems later on, you can choose the latex mattress for you.

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However, you are not suggested to choose this product at all if you have small children since the research shows that this material is not good for the children growth. The research shows that children’s spinal development can be disturbed when using the memory foam mattress.

Then, when your children are too small, they will end up sinking to the bed since they will have trouble  to move and if they sink to deep they will have problem to breathe. Besides, the components are not very natural and have lots of toxic that will be a problem with the children’s’ health later on. Therefore, you are suggested to consult your doctor before choosing the best mattress for your children.

Using the sleep science mattress can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Before buying one for, home owner should certainly consider whether it will bring more benefits of not based on the needs. In spite of that, the sleep science mattress is very affordable and you can have your own good night sleep.