Sleep Number Vs Tempurpedic Bed: How Are They Different?

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In order to get high quality sleep at night, the most important thing to have is not the ambiance, but nice bed. Therofer, many people would refer to the giant two of sleeping mattress: sleep number number and tempurpedic bed. The question is: which one has better features?

sleep number vs tempurpedic

What Is Wrong With Traditional Bed?

It is not quite right to say that traditional bed is “wrong”. Probably the acceptable words would be “incomplete”. As many users have known, the traditional bed is flat, while human body has curves on their back, legs and neck. There are two possible consequences: the bed adjusts to body shape without any chance to re-shape or the body hurts after sleeping on the firm surface.

Many people would change their sleeping position while sleeping. This is the attempt to find comfortable position, which is no other than fitting the curves to the flat mattress. Even though a number of people could survive the tough surface, many are suffering. For this reason, some manufacturers try to develop new type of mattress that could adjust to body curves.

What About The Old Saying “The Firmer The Mattress, The Better”?

The fact that there are a group of people who loves hard mattress should not be generally applied to the common people. It is not difficult to find the truth; just wait until morning comes and say how the body feels after getting up. Pains mean the bed is not compatible with the body. There is no need to force people to say otherwise.

Youngsters and teenagers might not notice the suffering yet, since their bodies are more than capable to heal the minor muscle pain. When they get older, they will realize the need of better bed that could support body well and relief the pressure. This matter would be even more serious for those with bad spine or certain medical condition.

What Is Good About Sleep Number Mattress?

This is a type of bed well-known for its personalized comfort level. The “sleep number” title itself refer to the number option each person could set for sleepless night. The loyal costumers simply fall for this option, as the other competitors are not able to do so.

  • Materials

Isn’t it great to have a bed with personalized material? The costumers in this case won’t act like the expert at bed construction, but the company will do it instead. Sleep number bed has a matching table ready. It consists of height and weight of the person as well as the number and combination of layer that should be stacked inside the layer.

The basic material for sleep number mattress is foam layers. Looking closely to the layer, the foam is the extraordinary memory foam. Since the purpose of sleep number bed is to fit to any body shape and weight, many people have misconception about “memory foam”. They think that it could remember a person body contour over a night sleep.

To tell the truth, the real definition is a little bit far from “memory” general people think about. It actually refers to the ability to bounce back to the original shape every time the person gets up. In addition, the memory foam is also equipped with a material that could detect heat and pressure. Then, the mattress is able to respond to body temperature and weight, aligning to the least pressure that could support and distribute weight equally.

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How is it even possible? The secret lies on the foam material that has several air chambers inside. By using the remote control, the person on the bed could adjust the mattress and find the perfect “sleep number”. The recent development even allow the users to connect to blue-tooth app for better monitoring. Not only weight and temperature, but also the heartbeat, breathing rate and movement will be measured.


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Sleep Science Mattress

  • The Target Users

As mentioned above, sleep number bed is the kind of mattress that could fit well to any kind of sleepers. Still, it has specific target users, those who are most likely to be super satisfied with the product. To be able to determine which mattress is more suitable, the first job is to look at the person’s sleeping style. There are two famous styles: sides sleepers and back sleepers.

Between these two styles, sleep number works better on side sleepers, since they need very flexible bed to cup their body curve. With the help from air chambers, it won’t be a difficult task to do. Another group that would love sleep number mattress is those who have back pain problem. There is certain comfort position for them, and the super flexible bed could help to lock the body in that position.

Even when they move in the middle of sleeping, the adjustment would be automatically made. In the morning, there will be no back pain complaints from the patients. The benefits also works for those with hip, shoulder and joint pain.

The Price

For a high quality product, this item actually come out with more affordable price compared to its competitor. Of course, the higher the price, the more features the costumers will get. For a standard mattress, the price is below $1000. It is totally acceptable, since many traditional beds are also sold within the range. The others, however, are blasting above $2000.

What Is The Bad Things Costumers Should Know About Sleep Number?

Nothing is perfect, as one must have the advantage and also disadvantage. For sleep number mattress, there are some imperfections that might be big trouble for some users. Before bringing one into the house, it is better to learn about them first.

  • Adjustment Time

While reading about how flexible the firmness or softness could be, the users should also imagine the process they have to go through before finding the “perfect sleep number”. Lying on the mattress with a controller on the hand, it may takes minutes to adjust before the person can finally sleep.

  • Split Chamber

It has been mentioned that the sleep number has different air chamber. As the consequence, the bed is cracked in the middle. This would be a big challenge for those couples who love to cuddle while sleeping and of course, cutting the comfort points.

  • Ruining Make Out Session
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Sleep number mattress is practically and literally a personalized stuff. For this reason, it is bad idea to give one as a present to a newly married colleagues or families. This bed is quite bad at balancing, thus has high possibility to ruin the whole mood.

What Is Good About Tempurpedic Mattress?

Instead of going after the soft concept, tempurpedic is well known for its firmness. Back then, the inventors were working on NASA space suits by combining memory foam and several other materials. Similar concept then is applied to the tempurpedic mattress.

  • Materials

One thing that the users would notice when lying on the bed is the comfort it offers. The top layer of this mattress is using Tempur foam. The license of this product belongs to tempurpedic manufacturers and always applied on each of its product. Under the layer, there are base foams or the innerspring coil system. As the result, the top is amazingly soft with proper firmness to hold body weight.

Another plus system that could charm the costumers is the cooling system. As memory foam adjust to the person’s body shape, the way it envelopes body might stir heat problem. In order to help the person sleep better, the cooling system is slipped under the foam, reducing the warmth produces by the body. The other costumers love this matters simply because of its up and ergo bases! It allows the users to elevate the mattress surface.

  • The Target Users

Remember about “the firmer the mattress, the better” saying? While tempurpedic might sound like it, this product is totally different than just the ordinary firm mattress. Along with the firmness, there is top comfort offered from the best quality top foam. These points fit well to what certain costumers are looking for.

The first group that would love more firmness than fluffiness is the back sleepers. Since they spend the whole night on lying position, a mattress that could distribute their pressure points would be preferable. Traditional mattress often make problems, as it cannot go back to the original shape. Tempurpedic bed helps the users to sleep better without having neck pain in the next day.

This great mattress could also be a big help for the sick patients. Particularly, those with chronic back and neck pain. The doctor would often ask these patients to lie on their back and not moving much while sleeping. Also, those overweight costumers are suggested to purchase this bed. The coil system will prevent too much sinking and help them to get up easily.

In addition, tempupedic bed take friendly material for those who come with allergy. The memory foam material has been approved by CertiPUR-US as hypoallergenic. Moreover, the dust mites won’t be able to stick on the outer materials. The users simply need to use vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust. It could be a present option for those new parents who live with their children.

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What Is The Bad Things Costumers Should Know About Tempurpedic Bed?

When the costumers go through reviews, it can be seen that tempurpedic win over sleep number mattress in several points. In the other words, there are some area of this firm mattress that still lack behind. Instead of grieving over the wrong choice, careful consideration would be much more preferable.

  • Hot Temperature

No matter how great the cooling system inside the mattress, the components of tempurpedic bed is solid material. With this said, it has less breathing system compared to two air chambers in sleep number. As the result, the users should expect to sleep on hot surface, which might not be appealing for some costumers.

  • Firmness

Soft outer cover is important, but how the mattress react to the person’s weight is also crucial. Therefore, the firmness point is mentioned on both advantage and disadvantage parts. Why? Because some people just love some bounce when they jump into bed after the long day.

  • Bad Odor

Opening brand new product could make the costumers both happy and angry. The last case happens when the chemical substance released to the air. It gives unpleasant smell to the room. Usually, people would leave it that way until the smell disappears on its own. The problem is tempurpedic mattress takes longer period to dissolve the bad odor compared to small number.

Therefore, many customers who call for a free trial give a lot of complaints and might end up returning it to the company.

  • Too Much Hug

Although rarely found, some people love to sleep on their stomach. In this case, the tempurpedic mattress is out of choice from the beginning. Why? Because it will give too much hug to the face, blocking the breathing system. Don’t forget that this bed has good contouring effect in the surface.

  • Weak Edge

One more thing to worry about tempurpedic bed is the weak side. Unlike the sleep number, it is almost impossible to have activity while sitting on the edge of the bed. The support is not good and often pointed out by the costumers.

  • The Price

Among all the disadvantages, the tempurpedic has one fatal blow: its high price. Surely, the high technology product is not meant for those who are on budget. For costumers information, the cheapest one has over $3000 written on the price tag. The more advanced type, of course, has higher price than that. Be prepared to drain the wallet when buying this great mattress.

It is hard to say that something is the best and widely accepted by public. The wisest way is comparing sleep number vs tempurpedic bed: how are they different? Later on, the person could decide which one is more suitable for himself. Seriously, no one could tell which one is the best except for the user himself.