How Is Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss?

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To meet the public standard of “beauty”, many ways have been invented. Count into the list: pills, injections, natural herbs, berries or even the weight loss supplements. Any means mentioned expected to help the users shed the fat layers in their body. The modern technology now introduces red light therapy as an option.

red light therapy for weight loss

What Is Red Light Therapy?

The treatment relies heavily on infrared light beams, radiating its effect up to ten millimeters deep in the skin. Red light has been widely used in medical world as the therapy for aging skin, inflammation, hyper pigmentation, eczema, joint paint, and psoriasis. Several other skin problems that could be treated are stretch marks, scarring, sun damage, wrinkles and acne.

In the end of therapy procedure, the patients will get firmer skin. Don’t worry about side effects. Red light technology had been tested by FDA. Before the rumor of weight loss benefit spreads, it is common to find red light machine in salons and spas. Both men and women are listed as the repeating costumers.

How Does Red Light Therapy Reduce Fat?

There are two main steps in red light treatment. One is called bioenergetic while another is related to blood flow. While discussing about bioenergetics, there will be a lot of terms about cell. How is it so? Red light therapy for weight loss program basically stimulates mitochondria (the energy source of a cell) to produce more glucose oxide.

The cell in patients’ body could get sick and stressed. Sadly, it might be caused by prolonged dieting and daily stress. Those who are on diet program approximately burn around 700 calories a day, while people with healthy metabolism could intake around 3000 calories and burn the same amount in a day.

In response to stressful condition, the core cell will release nitric oxide. Later on, during the ATP synthase process, nitric oxide would be the competitor for oxygen. This combat will be more likely won by the nitric oxide, which then binds itself with cytochrome c oxidase.

In this case, the process of ATP forming is stopped. As the result, the cell will experience what is called oxidative stress. Unfortunately, this condition might happen in a big scale and will eventually lead to the individual or group cell death.

In order to bring back ATP procedure to the track, many medical experts suggest to use thyroid hormone. Even though this option might also work, red light therapy uses different approach. The light pointed to the cells will help breaking the bond of nitric oxide and cytochrome c oxidase. In this case, the oxygen could have its way to pair with cytochome.

Now that the procedure has gone back to the normal pathway, it could be said that the metabolism has improved. Eventually, the cells will also regain their strength and function normally. There will be more glucose burned as well as stronger metabolic rate. If the patients keep the calories intake, it will surely help to lose some pounds.

The second step in red light therapy is connected to the blood flow. When applied in certain area, the red light helps the blood to run smoothly. It is the result of broken bond of nitric oxide from the cell respiratory process.  In the other words, now the blood could deliver more elements such as glucose and oxygen.

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Unfortunately, this theory could not be applied to spot reduction fat loss. It has been the dream of many patients, but even health and fitness express admit that the possibility is close to zero. After receiving red light therapy for weight loss, a person will lose the overall body fat.

Applying the light in the abs area for example, won’t help the individual to get a nice six packs. There is no way it will happen, unless the person has low overall body fat.

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What Are The Most Important Things In Red Light Therapy?

There are a lot evidences and researches prove the benefit of light to human body. In medical term, using light for certain treatment is called photobiomodulation. Right after the statement of its useful benefits, the medical experts also highlight two important things while choosing red light therapy device.

The first criteria is the ability to deliver right amount of light. Just like the other medications, too much won’t do well. Most devices deliver red light, which spreads between 630-700 nm. Some others, however, take the orange spreads from 600 nm up to 900 nm, closer to the infrared section.

Each light range has its own medical benefits, which has been clearly stated in various medical papers. But to find the most effective range, the number is surely limited. As the conclusion of hundred clinical literatures, it is suggested to take the light in the middle of 600 nm as the lowest line and low to mid 800 nm for the highest line.

The light within this range bring the greatest effect for ATP production in cellular level. If the patient happens to take the light out of the mentioned range, there is no medical benefit for the body. In addition, the device used should be able to deliver specific energy. Unless these two standards are met, the patients might get higher heat and reversed effect.

Different cases will call for different amount of energy. In general, around 4 to 6 Joules/cm2 energy should be delivered through the device. However, if the patients suffer from joint inflammation, it takes up to 120 joules/cm2. This is the ideal and most effective energy that could reach the deep location.

The information about delivered energy must be mentioned clearly on the machine, usually written on a sticker. Unfortunately, many manufactures don’t give clear output energy or even the wattage needed. In this case, it is safer to avoid using the item. The after effect happened on the patients are hard to predict.

Some legal photobiomodulation device mentions the radiance in mW/cm2. Only some brands write the real energy unit: Joules/cm2 per minute. In conclusion, the clinicians or doctors might have to set the red light device to treat different cases. The energy unit provided by the manufacturers would be a great help.

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What Are The Benefits Of Red Light Therapy?

When the treatment is done right, the patients could expect several improvement in cellular level. One of the most popular benefit chased by many people are improved complexion and skin tone. Red light therapy also gives promising result for those who have muscle problem. The wavelength produced by red light machine could help with muscle recovery enhancement.

There is also good news for the patients who have specific problems with their skin such as acne, rosacea and eczema. Even though the result doesn’t show immediately, as the session goes, the skin condition will be better. Those who are not keen with fine wrinkles and lines, or even scars and stretch marks could also try this therapy to wipe away these complexes.

The benefit of red light therapy is also found in cellular layer. It improves metabolism rate and increase calories burning in a day. With this said, body system will start to burn the stored fat after using up all the daily calories. The wavelength could also enhance blood circulation and combat the inflammation in the body. Therefore, there will be less pain. When there are some wounds and injuries, the cells could heal them faster.  In addition, red light technology is often paired with liposuction as the post treatment therapy.

Since liposuction is also an alternative method for shredding fat, there are some medical experts who try to find proof that red light therapy might also work for weight loss program.

Is There Any Side Effect?

This is probably the main concern of many patient with obesity problem. Since many other weight loss program and technologies bring certain side effects, it might be quite frightening to try the new one. The good news is red light therapy for weight loss bring no side effect to the body. As mentioned previously, the light works in cellular layer to push out the fat through healthy metabolism.

Sooner or later, the folded waistline would be replaced with a nice line. Even when going through the therapy session, the patients won’t feel any excruciating pain. The light might deliver warm heat, but it is nothing close to a painful experience. After the treatment, there is no recovery time, either. The patients could step put and continue the day.

Does Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss Really Works?

There might be a lot of red light product in the market, but it doesn’t mean that anything written on the package is true. Before buying an item, the costumers could minimize scamming by looking for FDA label. It is an authorized organization that conducts medical tests and assures the function of the item.

It is important to understand that FDA approved several infrared devices for pain relief case as well as increasing local blood circulation. None red light devices for weight loss has been accepted yet. Even some brands who put misleading information in their product labeling will get certain penalty.

Back in 2010, there is a fat remover product called Zerona that incorporates red light in the technology. This item is manufactured by Erchonia Medical Inc, and claim to do the procedure without any surgeries. A test was conducted to test the truth. As much as 67 persons receive six laser treatments, while the other 67 gets placebo replacement. The experiment took place around two weeks.

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The result of the experiment is quite promising. Those who received light treatment lost one inch off the waist and hips area compared to the placebo group. Their thighs almost got one inch smaller. Unfortunately, two weeks later the group went back to zero as the fat showed itself in the initial area.

There is also interesting story from the costumers who visit the clinics for Zerona treatment. While joining the red light treatment, the doctors also recommend daily exercises, consuming healthy foods, drinking a lot of water instead of liquor, and avoiding caffeine. Some users are also suggested to wear compression undergarments on the area with concerning fat.

The others, even though not all, are pushed to take Curva supplement. A pill of it contains Niacin, L-carnitine, Ginko Biloba and many more elements found in body builders vitamins. In the end, many customers are questioning the benefit of Zerona itself. Most believe that the weight loss happens because of the daily exercises and healthy lifestyle instead of the red light treatment.

It is legal for them to complain, considering the high cost they have to pay for the therapy session. Each person has to invest around 1700 dollars just for six therapies!

What Are Trusted Options To Lose Weight?

Instead of trusting the whole job to red light therapy, it is better to do some additional actions. The patients could take high carbohydrate diet instead of low carb one. The later one might give instant “water weight” lose in the first week, but will start ruin the metabolism and thyroid hormone in the next days. High carb diet, on the other hand, could raise the metabolism rate and produces more energy.

The second option would be moderate calorie restriction. It is the logical way, as many of those who gain weight are caused by large amount of calorie intake. While doing this program, it is important to be consistent and patient. If a person has slow metabolism, restricting the calories won’t do much. Otherwise, this option will give great result, especially those who just start the diet program.

The last option is to do regular exercise. It doesn’t have to be the hard one. Moderate exercise should be enough. Do this routine three times a week, with thirty minutes active movements in each session.

Even though many researchers have proven the effectiveness of red light therapy for burning fat layer, there is no scientific proof that it helps to lose weight. Without any alteration to the daily intake, the patients will gain weight soon after the therapy. Think again before spending thousand dollar on it!