The Pros And Cons Of Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract And Premium Cleanse

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Many people are obsessed to have ideal body proportion. This is one of the market that will always have the most potential development. As the healthy workout has failed to meet the ease practicality for many persons, the manufacturer turns to something topical. One of the phenomenal options is Garnia Cambogia extract.

garcinia cambogia pure extract and premium cleanse

What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

Those who are looking for the keyword in the internet will bump into tropical plants category. This is the first general fact about Garcinia Cambogia. It grows well in Southeast Asia as wild plant. Recently, this species are also found in Polynesia, Australia and also Africa. When the experts dig further about this species, there are around 50 to 300 varieties spread in the local area.

The more interesting fact is that each of them holds different health benefits for thosw who consume it. Of course, the one being discussed here is the Garcinia Cambogia that has appetite suppressant properties. One could be mistakenly take raw mangosteen instead of garcinia. Both have similar appearance, except for the fact that ripe mangosteen turns purple while Garcinia keep the green charm.

When Did The Garcinia Cambogia Use Spread?

The record of its medical use goes back to two thousand years ago, written neatly in Ayuverdic practices. It is surprising to find that Garcinia Cambogia is actually one of eight fundamental components for Sanskirt society. A character named Rasayana mention it as the fruit that could give benefits to each and every level of body system.

Even though the plant has big role in the past medical practice, the human race needs to wait until 1970 before they heard that name again. It was an experiment performed on rats. The result is quite great, actually: there was 25% reduction on the rats appetite after the constant feeding of Garcinia Cambogia. Referring to the initial study, many western market target the useful plants for a weight-loss supplement.

What Are The Components Of Garcinia Cambogia?

To be able to quickly raise as the weight-loss product, there must be some elements that make all the magical works possible. Using the term “ingredients” is not quite right because there is only one fruit without any additional preservative or vitamins.

  • Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

This is probably the first term that make you confused, since the abbreviation is often mentioned. Taking almost a quarter of the total fruit weight, HCA could be labelled as the main performer for the supplement. It is the agent that suppress the appetite of the patient. Another advantage includes fast fat burning while consumed with physical body exercise.

HCA is able to increase serotonin level, which responsibility is to bring back the patients to regular sleeping pattern. Thus, there will be less emotional eating and increase the feeling of healthy body. It also blocks the absorption of carbohydrate, stacking less fat in cellular tissue. This action is possible since HCA helps to activate the enzyme for carbohydrate absorption.

Without high level of HCA in the body, the carbohydrates will directly converted into fat and stored under skin cells. The last advantage of HCA is the ability to increase the patient’s energy. There is no need to consume more caffeine to boost the energy.

  • Flavonoids

The second component is not as spectacular as the main star, but it still gives useful boost for the patients. Flavonoids are good for immune system, carry anti-inflammatory agents and also bring antioxidant properties. By consuming Garanicia Cambodia, the body should be able to fight cold, flu and sore throat. In addition, a research is on its way to prove that flavonoids might prevent cancer cells to grow.

  • Xanthones

This component is commonly found on the inedible part of the fruit. Thus, it is rarely mentioned. However, Xanthones is actually helpful to combat the free radicals that enter body system. It belongs to antioxidant category and in charge of preventing metabolic breakdown.

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What Is Its Relationship With Premium Cleanse?

The cleansing process here usually refers to colon. Those who often consume fatty and high cholesterol menu might have dirty colon. In this condition, any diet supplement won’t work well, as the colon is blocked with fat and toxins. If the condition goes worse, there might be several symptoms such as high level of stress, headache, sluggishness and weight gain.

Consuming Garcinia Cambodia will help the consumer to rinse the internal organ. As the result, the metabolism will boost up, and any medication or supplement will have better absorption. The agent in Garcinia Cambodia triggers the muscle colon to flush out all the toxin layers. Another option for this process include laxative agent in pills.

What Does Real Experiment Say About The Use Of Garcinia Cambodia?

There is no proof yet that consuming Garcinia Cambodia will help obesity problems in human. Unfortunately, huge amount of money have been spent just to have no positive result. A paper published by Journal of Obesity on December 14th 2010 mention that the effect of this weight-loss supplement only appear for short term period, occupying only tiny space in product effectiveness.

Not many sites clearly state the reason between the low rate of effectiveness. The answer is actually quite fundamental. In rat and mice, part of cells that control the fat is called citrate lyase. Once the cell is manipulated, the appetite will be automatically go down.

In human body, this is not the case. Controlling citrate lyase doesn’t immediately call for fat loss. Therefore, there is so significant result when placebo replacement take place in double blind tests.

  • The Result in Diabetes Case

As mentioned previously, the experiments to test the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambodia is applied on rats and mice. Since the manufacturers won’t give up the ideas of selling potential weight loss product, there are several additional tests run by the medical experts.

The first one is conducted on diabetic mice. After given five times stronger dose of Garcinia Cambodia for human, the lab result shows significance resistance of glucose absorption. It refers to slower absorption instead of total restriction. Along with the finding, there is a slighter increase of the blood sugar compared to the group without any Cambodia supplement.

In an article published in Journal of Young Pharmacists, the experts claim that they succeeded in reducing the blood sugar level after giving Garcia Indica extract for four weeks straight. Since Garcia Indica is different from Garcinia Cambogia, there are further tests conducted to measure the effectiveness.

Some experts also take the dose for the next experiment with diabetic mice. If the result is good, then hopefully it could be applied to diabetes type 2 in human. The result is quite promising. Those mice were treated with high sugar diet but also got Garcinia Cambogia supplement. The mice without similar treatment have higher insulin than those with special treatment.

  • The Result for Weight Loss

If the patient could spend theris time reading the comprehensive article related to Garcinia Cambogia effect to the body, they might find heated debate. The low percentage of the overall effects cuts all the expectation of the spectators. Moreover, the HCA group study has high posibility of gastrointernal adverse effect compared to the placebo group.

In the other words, event though there is a possibility of weight lose after initial use, the side effect shown is much more painful to bear. Another issue with the use of Garcinia Cambodia is the experiment that conducted on animals.

With this fact, there are a lot of doubts about the effectiveness of the natural element in manipulating body metabolism and promote weight loss. Even worse, several studies refuse to mention what are the experimental group study.

Is There Any Side Effects?

In order to be a safe product for public consumption, there must be an extensive testing on humans. This point has not been performed by the manufacturers. Food and drugs administration (FDA) also has no right to step into action because the product is registered as supplements. Therefore, there should be no further study unless the costumers’ complaints about the severe side effects.

Those who have consumed, however, claim that they get the side effects almost immediately after taking the first pill. These symptoms include stomachache, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth and liver issues.  In 2009, a costumer even reported to have severe liver problems after consuming the product. Through detailed investigation, it is found that the Garcinia Cambodia is not 100% pure.

In 2005, a study conducted by Food and Chemical Toxicology found that high dosage of Garcinia Cambodia will cause testicular atrophy and poisoning effect in mice. This finding should be a hard warning for the male costumers who are considering the product. Who wants to have slimmer body with testicle problems?

Does It React To Certain Medication?

This is another concern raised by those patients who want to lose some weight but currently under certain prescription. Normally, supplement won’t disturb the job of the main drug. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Garcinia Cambodia. Medical study found several cautions regarding the simultaneous use of prescribed drug and the weight loss supplement.

For instance, there will be blood thinners case, which might be lethal for those diabetic patients. Since the previous experiment shows lower insulin level, then supplying diabetes medicine might have weaker effect than usual. A warning is also given by the patients with cholesterol lowering drugs.

It is mentioned previously that after taking the pill, there might be uncomfortable effect to the body. This condition certainly won’t help the recovery process for the patients with psychiatric conditions. Since Garcinia Cambodia is well-known for its effect to blood, it might be not a great idea for anemia patients to consume this supplement.

Those who suffer from asthma, either because of allergy or the medical condition also must stay away from Cambodia Garnicia. It might give bad effects since dizziness is something to expect. Similar restriction also applies for those with painkillers prescription.

Recently in 2017, FDA discovers the existence of sibutramine taken from a product that is going on international shipment. This ingredients is well known to increase blood pressure and heart rate. The reaction of Garcinia Cambodia with the other medication is most likely to give “life-threatening” effect.  In short, the fatal effect includes heart attack or stroke.

Is There Any Safer Options?

Instead of taking a risk with the weight loss supplement, there are several healthier options the patients could pick. Read through the options carefully, since not all of them works well on everyone. Pay attention to the allergies list.

  • Chitosan

This is a sugar extraction taken from the crustaceans. It includes the shrimps, lobster and crab. Probably this is not the best option for those with seafood allergies. Chitosan works by blocking cholesterol and fats. Therefore, the level of absorbtion of these elements will be lower. The effectiveness of this weight loss treatment is not yet confirmed, at least by National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

  • Green Coffee Extract

There is no need to worry about the term “green”. It doesn’t mean that the coffee gets artificial color. Green coffee is the raw form of coffee, the state before roasting process. Consuming green coffee is expected to reduce big appetite and push weight loss faster. Several tests have been conducted, but none could give conclusive statement about the effectiveness for weight-loss treatment.

  • 7-Keto-DHEA

It is one of the natural element found in human body. For medical purpose, the extract is also available in the drug store as a pill. The function of Keto DHEA is to boost the metabolism system, burning more calories in a day. Since it is a part of internal system, significant weight loss is found in the group that balances the consumption with regular exercise.

There are still a long way to go for the garcinia cambogia pure extract and premium cleanse to get general acknowledgment from the medical expert and clinicians. Even though the result is clearly seen on mice, there is no strong evidence yet about the effectiveness in human. Is it worth to try something with unpredicted result?