Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel Reviews

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Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel Reviews

There are a lot of skin problems, enough for filling up an empty paper in no time. Some of these skin complexes cannot be covered. Want an example? Then take blackheads, which could be found on both male and female skin. Among the options to get rid of blackhead, there is a dissolving gel product from proactiv.

Who Is Behind The Products?

People know this product thanks to the fiery promotions and broadcast. A lot of artists have endorsed this product, and most of them belong to A class. For this reason, many consumers think that this product is as exclusive and magnificent as the models. One thing to remember though; the artists get good amount of money to promote the product. They might not use the items, after all.

In order to get the business running, the products should have a great market. Thanks to Proactiv sales, the targeted result could be achieved. Yes, all Proactive skin care products are not introduced by the manufacturer, but a marketing firm called Guthy-Renker. It is a company that specialized in direct marketing. No wonder, the revenue is quite stable through the years.

Then who create the favorite skin care product? They are two brilliant dermatologists named Dr. Fields and Dr. Rodan. Back in the 1995, both skin specialists were conducting a lot of experiments to find a perfect treatment for acne. The formulation then labeled as Proactiv, one of the well-known skin care in the market.

What Does The Users Say?

Compared to the huge advertisements and all the claims made by the marketing company, it is quite surprising to learn that the experienced users have split opinions. Most of them confirm the effect of Proactiv product, pointing out how it could help hydrating the skin for the whole day while working on acne problem. Some of them, however, get the opposite result. They have skin irritation in addition to the unaffected acne.

For those who are considering to purchase the product, it is beneficial to listen to both point of views. Instead of trying to find which one tell lies, the new users should think about the value. One useful question would be: “If I buy this product, is it worth the money I spend?”.

What Are The Active Ingredients Of Proactiv Blackhead Dissolving Gel?

Before discussing about the effectiveness of blackhead cleaning, the new users might need the basic information about the active ingredients. These components are the front liners when it comes to blackhead removal. Some of the terms mentioned below might be familiar to the users.

  • Salicylic Acid

The first active ingredients is the strongest agent to fight acne, even the most stubborn one. In fact, this component is found in most anti-acne or acne treatment products. Many dermatologists have checked the effectiveness for years. There is less ingredients that could unclog pores like this powerful agent does. Salicylic Acid works on the outer layer of the skin, clearing up the fine dust, dirt, excessive oil, and sebum.

  • Lactic Acid

Public might also familiar with this term, as it is often paired with salicylic acid. The reason for its less popularity compared to the salicylic acid is the supporting role. Instead of taking care of the main issue, lactic acid exfoliate and remove dead and damaged skin cells. Then, it helps new and healthy skin layer to replace the old one. Even though these step don’t give direct result, lactic acid prevent new acne breakout.

  • Aloe Vera
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Off all the active ingredients listed above, almost all of them act as the destroyer for bad particles that might clog the pores. To balance the skin treatment, there should be a component that soothe the pain. This is where aloe vera steps in. It is also beneficial as swollen skin treatment. Stubborn acne usually show the sign of inflammation, and aloe vera is the perfect agent to put it down.

  • Green Tea Extract

Now that all bad germs have been removed from facial skin, it would be perfect if the products could also give the protection against the fine dirt. For this purpose, the most favorite component is antioxidant. In addition to its function as bacteria shield, it also works well as toxic removal agent to the skin. Since green tea extract is rich in antioxidant, it is included in the ingredients list. Moreover, it could add fragrant aroma.

How to Apply The Product?

There is something about dissolving gel for clearing the blackheads. Many might think it is similar to the regular face wash, while there is slight difference in the usage. First of all, the users need warm water to rinse the foam later. Cold water is less likely to give better result, since the pore will be tightened. The users need to wet their faces with lukewarm water, letting the pores ready for the cleansing product.

Press the tube lightly to put certain amount of gel on the hand. Then, rub the gel in circular motion and wait until the gel dissolved into the skin. This part is often missed by most users and it delays the clearing process. After that, leave it that way for three to five minutes. Rinse the foam with warm water and dry the face. It is better to use towel with quick absorption feature.

If the costumers are buying the complete kit, don’t forget to apply the toner to T-zone area or any other parts with blackhead problem. Not long after, tap a cotton of complexion perfecting hydrator to the facial skin. This should conclude the blackhead cleaning process.

One more trick: it is best to apply the product at night, since the gel texture is going to leave greasy mark on the skin. Putting make up on after rinsing is the least thing to do. Don’t forget that this product is low in Ph and has salicylic acid ingredients. Avoid rinsing the area around eyes or over sensitive skin; it will sting. For maximum result, check the make up product and throw away anything with sulfur content in it.

What Are The Good Things About This Product?

Some people might wonder what makes Proactive items so loved by its costumers. There must be a strong reason behind the raising sales, except that the endorsement is publicly done by famous actress and actors. One thing for sure: the plus found in Proactive products are unique and give what the consumers need.

  • Pleasant Smell
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When opening the bottle of acne cream treatment, it is rare to find one product with good smell. The reason is simple: because it is made of chemical stuff. Therefore, it will smell like laboratory. Luckily, Proactive blackhead dissolving gel review says exactly the opposite. Instead of releasing bad odor, the gel has friendly scent for nose.

  • Proven Result

What costumer wants is a product that lives its name. There is no need to doubt the huge reputation it has built in years. If it is not for the proven result, the blackhead cleaning gel might not even exist. One note for the costumers: the result won’t show immediately. It takes regular use for the active ingredients to work. If a product could give effect right after use, won’t that be scary?

The costumer could see fewer blackheads after days of treatment. Moreover, the Proactive blackhead cleaner also tighten pores. Those who mention big pores in nose and chin area are going to have smaller pores. Once again, only with regular use. Some users say that the effect will be shown after one or two months use.

For the overall facial skin, it gives smooth effect as the skin absorb the moisture from the gel. While seeing themselves in the mirror, the costumers will have radiant skin with slight glow. Even though it is not categorized as whitening product, the users’ skin will be fairer. Moreover, the ski will be well-hydrated, too.

What Are The Bad Things About The Product?

It is quite difficult to determine whether the item is really working or not. Unless someone professional or experienced told the users about the cons of Proactive blackhead cleaning gel, they should find trusted source instead. Going through online reviews from the trusted shopping website might help the costumers to decide.

  • Unbelievable Price

Even though the costumers have been warned about the price of a single product, the surprised expression on the costumers’ face can’t be avoided. This is the number one concern from the costumers. As much as they adore the product, many of them give up when seeing the price tag. Moreover, the product is often sold as a kit, paired with several other items to maximized the result.

What makes the price is not acceptable is the fact that salicylic acid is the most common compound for acne treatment. In the other word, it is not too special to get the high price. There are plenty products that include salicylic acid in the ingredients list and could be bought with cheaper price. Thus, the costumers need more than proofs to choose the Proactive Blackhead Cleaning Gel.

Even another substance in the ingredients list is not that impressive to cover up for salicylic acid weakness. The strongest compound is green tea extract. Again, many other brands also produce moisturizer with similar content with much cheaper price. So, why spend more money on Proactive blackhead cleaning gel?

  • Skin Irritation
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While buying the Proactive blackhead cleaning gel in the shop or online, the costumers might see the kit containing several skin care products from the brand. As the budget is not enough, they might end up buying only the dissolving gel. As the result, the costumers’ skin might be irritated and become dried. These two are the natural reaction of dead skin cleaning process.

Still, not every individual understands and lets the gel does its job. In their point view, the blackhead clearing gel is not working as expected. Actually, the dryness and irritation could be treated by applying moisturizer, as simple as that. For those who could afford the complete kit, take the hydrator. It helps a lot with the irritation and dryness problem. Even when the costumers run out of hydrator, regular moisturizer will do well, too.

  • Persistent Breakout

Many costumers wish that using one single product would solve their blackhead problems once and for all. In this case, any skin care items cannot help them. Proactive blackheads dissolving gel reviews never says a thing about giving lifetime result. It does mention about clearing the blackhead, but only those existed in the given time. If after successful cleaning the costumers stop the skin treatment, another breakout will come soon after.

The root of blackhead problem is the clogged pores. Thus, regular cleaning is the best thing the costumers could do. Unfortunately, many of them are not willing to learn about the truth. From their stand, the skin care product is just not good enough for them.

Where to Purchase Proactive Product?

If there is one disadvantage of being popular product, that would be having second grade product. It doesn’t mean that the manufacturers produce one package with more affordable price, but some people are actually trying to make the copy of Proactive blackhead dissolving gel. As the result, some costumers complain to the company. Of course, it could be done when the costumers get worse result instead of being better.

In order to avoid this case, the costumers are suggested to purchase the products via trusted online shopping site only. Or even better, visit the official website and do the transaction immediately. Third party retailers are welcome, as long as they could deliver the real product. Remember that the price for one single bottle is quite expensive. Try to resist cheaper offer for second grade product.

It is uncomfortable to see blackheads, both for the person and the colleagues. Sometimes it is hard to resist squeezing the blackhead. There must be another way to solve this problem. Since many people give good Proactiv blackhead dissolving gel review, why don’t you try it?