All You Need to Know about Coconut Oil for African American Hair

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African Americans are usually born with fragile and dry hair. Therefore, they need a special treatment for their hair so that they can maintain their hair’s vitality. Many manufacturers then try to produce hair products, such as coconut oil for African American hair that can cater their needs of solving these hair issues.

Coconut Oil for African American Hair

The Characteristics of African American Hair

African American hair is really one of a kind. It can be easily distinguished from other kinds of hair. This kind of hair brings those outstanding common characteristics that are almost impossible to be found in other kinds of hair. So, what are the common characteristics of African American hair apart from being in black color? There are at least two characteristics of them.

The first characteristic of African American hair is that it is prone to damage and is very fragile.  This hair’s fragility is attributable to its wide diameter of its shafts. When the hair is combed, the shafts of the hairs start to build up weak points at which the broken hair happens. This is indeed one of the features making African Americans not confident with their hair nature.

Besides, their hair is also prone to drop off only because of the use of blow drier and or continues combing. All these hair issues surely push the African American to give their hair extra treatments to gain back and thus maintain their hair’s strength and health.

The next common characteristic of African American hair is that it tends to be dry. It is the scalp of the African American that is easy to be dry. The dryness of the scalp and of the hair emerges because of the inactivity of the hair’s sebaceous glands that provokes the inadequacy sebum secreted.

While the dryness makes the scalp produces little oil only, the curliness of the hair makes the secreted oil difficult to travel down the shaft. All of these contribute to the existence of the dry hair. The overall look of the hair will certainly be unpleasant.

Why Using Coconut Oil to Hair?

Among all oils that can be used for hair treatment, why coconut oil seems to top all of the choices available? What elements of coconut oil make it the top notch in hair care? And how do the elements of coconut oil work to nourish our hair?

The answers for those questions are the MCFAs inside coconut oil. MCFA is medium chain fatty acids, a special kind of fatty acid that comes with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil is rich in this acid, making it as very nourishing oil to your hair and body. Even more, coconut oil is also rich in C12 chain of MCFAs that is also known as Laurid Acid.

This important property of coconut oil is what makes it powerful in overcoming protein loss in your hair. Unlike other types of oil, coconut oil is also able to naturally penetrate hair, making some people witness great and quick result from the use of coconut oil.

The idea of applying coconut oil directly to the hair is somehow debatable, especially for those having oily hair. Meanwhile, another counterintuitive thing from the use of coconut oil is that using it in a daily basis and in an ample amount of it.

What Can Coconut Oil Do to African American Hair Then?

Coconut oil has been scientifically proven to maintain the health of your hair. According to one of scientific evidence from a study, coconut oil contains chemical structure that can help you protect your hair. It has also been said that coconut oil is better than any other oils when it comes to hair treatment.

African Americans with their hair problems can also rely on the power of coconut oil. To begin with, the dry scalp of African Americans can be cured with coconut oil’s ability of maintaining the scalp’s moisture once it is applied on there. Furthermore, coconut oil is also able to overcome the inability of the secreted oil to travel down the shaft. In this case, coconut oil plays its role by penetrating through the follicles of the hair.

Moreover, coconut oil can take away the breakage of African American. Apart from what this oil can do explained above, this oil is also able to better the blood circulation on someone’s scalp. This will surely make the scalp adequately nourished and thus make the scalp a healthier place to grow strong hair.

Besides, coconut oil is powerful at strengthening the already grown hair so that it is not prone to fall off easily when being combed. Therefore, from all the listed roles of coconut oil for African American hair, you can surely recommend this oil to any person that you know having this fragile hair.

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How to Use Coconut Oil for Treating African American Hair

After knowing the great benefits of coconut oil for African American hair, you better know how it is supposed to be applied on this kind of hair. Below will be explained how to use this oil for the growth of natural African American hair. The ways of the coconut oil use are divided into two parts: the coconut oil applied to the hair without any additional mixture and the coconut oil which is mixed with castor oil. Yes! You can mix coconut oil with other ingredients!

Let’s take a look at how to apply coconut oil to the natural African American hair without mixing it with any other oils. Follow these steps:

(1) put your coconut oil in a jar and then warm the oil. You can just simply submerge the jar into warm water.

(2) Wash your hair with warm water.

(3) Apply the coconut oil on your damp scalp using your fingertips. After that, to boost the circulation on the scalp, do some massages for about three minutes.

(4) Apply some oil to your comb and comb you hair afterwards. After that, cover your hair with shower cap and leave it like that for about one hour or overnight.

(5) Rinse the oil using warm water, wash your hair with sulfate free and natural shampoo and then dry your hair with towel.

(6) You may apply some conditioner after shampoo. However, it is not necessary as the coconut oil already performs the conditioner’s function.

(7) Repeat this treatment three times a week.

Next, let’s see how to treat your African American hair using coconut oil that is mixed with castor oil. Follow the following steps:

(1) Mix those two oils in a sufficient amount.

(2) Break down your overall hair into two parts. Then, apply the mixed oil starting from the scalp all the way down to the tips.

(3) Cover your hair using warm towel or a shower cap and leave it like that for about two hours or overnight.

(4) Using warm water, rinse your hair. Apply some natural shampoo (and conditioner if you want) and dry your hair with towel.

(5) Repeat the treatment three times a week.

Other Hair Treatment Products Containing Coconut Oil

Science has proven that coconut oil is impactful for treating such fragile hair of African American. While it can be used in a form of oil as explained above, coconut oil also able to treat your hair in other different ways. There are at least three hair care products in which you can find coconut oil. They are shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer.

To begin with, let’s take a look at shampoo whose one of the ingredients is coconut oil. One of the reasons why coconut oil is usually used in shampoo is because its effective and natural cleansing agent that won’t remove your hair’s natural oil. Also, coconut oil doesn’t need any artificial ingredients to be able to penetrate through hair follicles and scalp. The natural coconut oil’s ability to penetrate is very healthy as artificial and chemical ingredients can develop clogging and or hair loss.

Many shampoos products in the market may claim coconut oil to be in their ingredients. However, the real fact is the coconut oil is only in a small percentage. To experience more benefits from the use of coconut oil, you can make your own shampoo. What you need is your current shampoo and natural coconut oil. Mix them and then simply use them when washing your hair.

Next, coconut oil is also usually used in conditioner products. As we know that conditioner performs its functions by smoothening hair. What is inside conditioner is a weapon to help you fight against dullness, dryness, and brittleness of your hair, especially with your natural black hair.

Coconut oil also performs the same roles to your hair. It conditions your hair from the inside out, meaning from the shaft to the cuticles. Besides, it also helps you fight against dryness, fungi, and bacteria, the causes of dandruff on your scalp.

Last, coconut oil is also usually used in moisturizer products. The obvious reason for this is how coconut oil can prevent hair from dullness and dryness. What is more, coconut oil also carries long term benefits to black hair having many hair issues such as constant thinning, dandruff, and split ends.

Although coconut oil can offer you many benefits, regular and or daily use of it is what can guarantee you from obtaining the advantages. Once you make the coconut oil treatment routine care for your hair, you will soon see your hair becomes softer in texture, shinier, and fresher.

You can apply the moisturizer made of coconut oil on either wet or dry hair or either processed or natural black one. Once you apply it on your scalp, don’t forget to give your scalp slow massage. The massage will activate and wake up your hair roots and follicles. This will be a great treatment for African American hair that tends to be in thinning hair state.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for African American Hair

While many have said coconut oil is very beneficial and amazing to treat your African American hair, there are still many ways you need to do to get the best result of it. One of the things you can do to support your hair treatment with coconut oil is by eating it.

Regardless of all the amazing properties of the oil, your hair is not able to metabolize or digest coconut oil like how your digestive system does. While you can still benefit from using the oil externally or on your scalp or hair, you still cannot fully benefit from the beneficial properties of the oil unless it goes through your digestive system.

For this reason, you need to treat your fragile hair internally by consuming coconut air as it may offer greater benefit to your hair. Its high content of antioxidants and Medium Chain Fatty Acid are the most beneficial properties of the coconut oil that can support the growth of your hair inside out.

You need to know that healthy hair growth starts from the inside, making it targeting the hair treatment from the inside of your body as necessary as it is from the outside. The internal factors such as good sleep, diet, and supplements are other impactful factors that can boost the good result of your hair treatment using coconut oil.

As how a skin treatment works, the health of your hair is the reflection of your inner health. The health of your hair is mostly controlled by your hormones. That’s why, it is advisable to always maintain the balance of your hormone, to consume healthy supplements, and to nourish your body to give the best treatment to your fragile African American hair.

No one can choose what kind of hair they want to be born with; however, anyone can choose what they want to do to their hair. Although you have that type of fragile hair, it doesn’t mean having healthy and strong hair is impossible. Science has proven the power of coconut oil. Give it a shot soon!