Why Is Low pH Face Cleanser Better?

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For some unknown reasons, no matter how well several cosmetic users take care of their facial skin (in their own parameter), many skin problems keeps repeating themselves. The most common issue is irritation or sensitivity and followed by acne or blackhead breakout. Before looking for even more advanced treatment, it is better to check the pH level of the product.

low ph face cleanser

How Does Someone Know If They Use Wrong pH Product?

A number of people are doing something just the majority does so. They don’t have the urge to learn about what is the importance of doing the treatment. For instance, many people are obsessed with having fair and glowing skin. Less than half of these costumers really pay attention to what is included inside the pack. That continues until they actually have problem with the skin.

The first sign of sick skin is the dryness or redness on the facial area. Depending on the skin types, these two indicators might be found in whole face or only on certain part. Either way, it is the opposite of the dreamy skin: well-moisturized and smooth. As the opposite of being dry, facial skin might get too oily as well. This condition also indicates unhealthy skin.

In addition, healthy facial skin rarely has breakout problem. It may happen once or twice, but certainly not repeating. Why? Because skin should get better by the daily treatment. At last, one obvious thing that make people could tell right away is the dullness. The person has less to no glow at all. It should be glowing and radiating, with proper softness when touched.

Which Product Is Wrong?

Now that the person knows the sign of unhealthy skin, they are rushing to check it. For those who already realize that they share similar concern, probably the first thing to do is checking every single skin care products they use: the cream, toner, lotion, essence, etc. As expected, most of them might miss the basic item: face cleanser. This simple item holds the important job to cleanse the skin after long exposure of free radicals, pollution and fine dust.

In order to do the job well, a perfect face cleanser should be able to rinse all the dirt without scratching the skin layer too much. If it does, the skin will turn red, indicating irritation. This redden area would be more sensitive, even to light touch. Not to repeat the same mistake, the individual is suggested to find another face cleanser with low pH, because the product the person is currently using has high pH.

What Is pH Anyway?

This term shouldn’t be unfamiliar, as it is often mentioned in the other body care products. But it is not surprising that not many people know what it exactly is. pH refers to the unit to measure whether a substance belongs to acid or alkaline group. The scale range from zero to 14, where the smallest number represents the most acidic state a substance could be. In the other end, 14 shows that the substance has the highest alkalinity in it.

The middle scale, seven, is marked as neutral position. An example of substance with neutral pH is water. Through lab test, it is found that skin natural pH hovers around 5. In the other words, it belongs to the acidic state rather than alkaline. In this environment, skin cells could give ideal atmosphere for good bacteria to grow. It is also the great condition to prevent water escaped from the cell, leaving the skin well-hydrated.

Why Is Low pH Face Cleanser Is Better?

As the natural state is acidic, it is quite wrong to drag the pH closer to neutral or alkaline condition. It will strip off facial skin barrier. As the result, the skin cannot protect itself from UV rays and free radicals or even keeping the moisture in the cell. Well, the skin surely can heal itself, but it is not an overnight job. The person will have to bear the over oily, itchiness and sometimes burnt feeling while the healing process takes place.

In conclusion, it is better to have face cleanser with low pH compared to the neutral or high one. This product will help the skin stay acidic while protecting it from the dirt. Moreover, lower pH is better for its more friendly and well-absorbed ingredients. These are the qualities high pH product cannot provide. While cleaning face with the soft foam, the low pH helps skin barrier to get into its normal state.

Some people might consider lowering the pH in the other skin products. However, face cleanser is the most convenient item to replace. If needed, alkaline paper test could be conducted. In addition, the pH effect could show almost immediately. The skin will recover and fully functioned. Then, the absorption level will be higher, too.

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Is There Any Tips To Choose Low pH Cleanser For Each Type Of Skin?

Even though pH matters for healthy skin, there is one more concern: skin types. As each type reacts differently to the ingredients combinations, some costumers might worry about the after effect. The indicators of unhealthy skin might appear again, even when they use low pH product only. In this case, pick the right combination to soothe each skin type.

  • All-Skin Type

Bless those who have normal skin. It is the skin type with less complexes compared to the other skin types. The best product for this type of skin might have very low pH. It could hover between three to three and half. The acidic nature doesn’t mean that it will hurt skin. Usually, there are some additional components like bisabolol and centella asiatica. Both are plant extracts to provide soothing and moisturizing effect.

  • Oily Skin

In the advertisement, several products made for oily skin promotes its squeaky clean feeling after wash. This is exactly the item any costumers should avoid. Why? Because in the end of the day, the oil will appear like crazy. Pick the cleanser with glycolic acid or any component that could exfoliates skin as well as zapping extra oil in the skin. Remember: no squeaky effect after wash!

  • Dry Skin

There are so many sources for acidic pH. Paricularly for dry skin, it is better to have lactic acid as the source. This is an exfoliation agent, but the most gentle in its class. This component will help the skin to keep the already limited moisture. To supply tons of moisture, it will be better to have aloe vera content as well. The extract from this green plant is well known for its moisturizing benefit.

  • Sensitive Skin

Now, the costumers who have this skin type must be extra careful when choosing the face cleanser product. Take too strong product and the skin will hurt as hell. However, too mild skin care might not enough to nurture the cells. One safe ingredients for this skin type is oat kernel extract. It has the super intensive agent that works as anti-inflammatory ingredient.

  • Breakout-Prone Skin

When the skin is having problem with frequent breakout, it indicates that the cells have less protection against bacteria and free radicals. Keep in mind that this condition might happen to any of the mentioned types above. To strengthen the protection, the pH should be between five to six and paired with anti-bacterial agent. The most popular agent is tea tree oil.

  • Extra Exfoliating

For some people, the skin complex is having big pores. Even without magnifying glasses, the holes on nose and the other parts could be seen clearly. Another case that needs a hand from extra exfoliating agent is dull facial skin. Pick the cleanser with exfoliation function, especially those that have alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy. Both active agents will unclog pores and wipe out the dead cells.

  • Anti-Aging

Skin problem doesn’t haunt only teenagers, but also aged woman. In order to slow down the aging process, the best cleanser must have the lowest pH. What is the reason? The anti-aging cream is usually applied after rinsing face. Most of these cream contains antioxidants (for example vitamin C) that could work better on certain acidity level. By using the lowest pH cleanser, the anti-aging cream could work at its best.

Is There Any Other Consideration While Choosing Face Cleanser Except For pH?

While the content of pH is already low, it basically covers more than half of a proper facial skin care. However, there are several more points many costumer like to find. They are SLS content, fragrance, and easiness to wash.

  • SLS Content

It stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This chemical product is often found in many personal care products such as shampoo and soap. It is also included in the car wash liquid and kitchen cleaners. Its job is to strip off the extra layer of the surface. If the face cleaners also have these ingredients in it, then the person will get clean feeling after washing the face. The bad news is it scratches the outer skin layer.

So, the effort to avoid high pH just goes to waste, since SLS does it, too. The combination of both would suffocate skin cells. Therefore, it is important to pick the face cleanser without SLS content.

  • Fragrance

It might sound childish, but how a product smell could affect the costumers. Many users prefer to purchase a face cleanser with lovely perfume such as floral, citrus, etc. Don’t forget that this nice fragrance could be there after adding additive. Even though it is great to have relaxing aroma while washing face, make sure the additive won’t overpower the main ingredients or cause skin allergies.

  • Easiness to Wash

There are two popular types of face wash in the market, the one that could wash off easily and another one that call for a flannel to wipe away the foam. Each one has its own benefit, but the first one is much more preferable. A cleanser that could emulsify easily would be more practical. However, the later option is also helpful for the costumers with super dry skin problem.

What Are The Big Nos Product For Face Cleanser?

While many face cleanser types are widely sold at the market, some people might not know that there are typical care items that shouldn’t be used for face. Even though it is okay in the beginning, the effect will surely shows later. Learn what are those and why they should be the last in the list.

  • Soap Bar

This item here is made for cleansing body, not face. Once again, facial skin is thinner and requires special treatment. Using body cleanser will make the face super dry. This would be the least news those with dry skin want to know. There are several brands out there that produce face cleansing product into bar soap. Why? Because it is more convenient to carry without any risk of spilling.

Although the convenient point might be true, many negative reviews come from the users. Many said that these products give similar effect to standard bar soap, even though they claim that there are only natural ingredients in it. Among all the brands, less than half are proven to be great facial treatment.

  • Micellar Water

Many people get the wrong idea with this product, as they believe they have cleaned their face properly after tapping micellar water on their faces. Of course, this is not true. Micellar water is merely a quick help to remove make up layer. Even so, there might be some tiny particles left on the skin surface. If the person is not rinsing using face cleanser, there would be whitehead popping, sooner or later.

For this type of costumer, it is better to take oil based cleanser instead of micellar water. This item cleans facial skin as it removes the makeup layers.

Facial skin is the most sensitive part of the body. Unlike the other thicker skins, this area requires separated care product. Facial skin has acidic level, which most skin care product try to pull to neutral. This is why low pH face cleanser is more friendly to apply.