Ideas on Gifts for Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemo

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Undergoing chemo is not only about physical pains, it is also about physiological challenges that they need to cope with for a long period of time. As a good and supportive relative or best friend or partner, we need to show our love, support, and thought to them. While offering our spare time to them is already precious, start considering some gifts for them.

Art-y Gift

Among all ideas on gifts for cancer patients, some presents related to art can be a good choice. Art has been proven to give a psychological healing which is good for cancer patients undergoing chemo. It will even be greater when the cancer patients are fond of creating artistic things. If you plan to choose art as the theme of your gifts, here we summarized some ideas for your references.

Secret Garden can be your option in giving gifts to cancer patients. It was one of the most-bought coloring books for adults. If think you don’t have enough time to stroll around bookstores in your city, you can simply visit Amazon website and open their best-selling book. The great part about this adult coloring book is the amazing illustrations of Johanna Basford that can make any adult easy to get lost during the coloring.

Another recommended adult coloring book is Maybe Swearing Will Help. This coloring book will suit adults with a foul mouth and a sense of humor best. Not only does this adult coloring book feature great illustrations, this also provides adult with puns, quotes, motivation, and cursing words that can make anyone calmer.

You don’t favor cursing words? Try mantra then! Go purchase I am A Cancer Warrior adult coloring book. Apart from creative illustrations for the coloring, this coloring book also features powerful mantras. The mantras carry many empowering, motivational, and encouraging affirmations and sayings that can be impactful for the ones fighting against cancer.

Our last recommended coloring book for the ones suffering from cancer is Curious Creatures: A Coloring Book Adventure! Bring those you love in an adventure while giving them an artistic therapy by purchasing this adult coloring book made by Millie Marotta. This adult coloring book is the New York Times bestseller that can hook any adults quickly!

Journal Gift

No one expects to suffer from cancer and no one plans to have the disease either. Yet, when it does happen, something that can help the cancer patients plan the best ways to cure themselves and or to avoid the disease any further in the future is needed. Here are some products that can help them plan what is needed during their treatment. You can easily find these products on the market.

First, buy a CanPlan planner. It is a kind of planner that is specially and specifically designed for cancer patients. This planner is also great for the caregiver of the cancer patients. This product features many things including guidelines for having positive and better living, remainders, and many more.

Second, purchase Cancer Planner. It is a journal that can help cancer patients and the caregiver record the treatment history. Besides, this journal also makes it easy for anyone to note down any appointments with a doctor and or simply make list of what to do in a busy life.

Planner and journal are usually used by the ones having tight schedule and busy life. Fortunately, these products can performs more functions by helping caregiver and or the patients themselves to get the control over the cancer and also to track the treatment progress.

Note down every diet, expenses, emotions, exercise, medications, changes in symptoms, and many other important things across periods.  The documentation will be very helpful as you can always review any progress and setbacks during the treatment and also to spot any potential causes or any side effects of the cancer treatment.

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Books Will Never Go Wrong

No one really understands how it feels to fight for cancer but the former patients. Fortunately, there are lots of cancer survivors who have been willing to share their experiences in a form of humorous, helpful, and honest books. In that kind of books, the survivors turn their experiences of being cancer patients along with all the changes they have made in their life such as lifestyle and many other decisions.

This kind of book should be a perfect choice for your gift to cancer patients as not only will this book give the patients encouragement, it will also distract them from the burden of undergoing chemo or any other cancer treatments. Besides, the presence of this book around the cancer patients will give them a hope that they will never be alone.

To give you some references, take a look at the following list of book titles. We have also listed audio book titles, just in case your loved ones are not really into reading a book.

The recommended books as a gift for cancer patients are There is No Good Card for This, Rebuild: With Dr. Z’s Body Composition Diet, Fearless, Fabulous You!: Lessons on Living Life on Your Terms, Driving Miss Norma, Now It’s Funny: How I Survived Cancer, Divorce, and Other Looming Disasters, and It’s Only Temporary: The Good News and the Bad News of Being Alive.

Meanwhile, here is the list of the well-known and recommended titles of audiobooks. You can find the books easily in the Kindle store. The books are: Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. Any Harry Potter Book by J.K. Rowling, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and The Fault in Out Stars.

Fashion Gifts Will Do Them Good

Are your loved ones not really fond of art and books? Don’t worry! We’ve got you plenty of choices for your gifts. There are many things about undergoing cancer treatment that often makes the patients awkward and uncomfortable.

They may be caused by their difficulties in finding the best clothing for their daily use such as T-Shirt, shirt, or even lingerie specifically designed for the ones under reconstruction. That being said, choosing fashion as your gift ideas for cancer patients will surely do them good. What kind of clothing can be great then?

To begin with, take a look at CureWear. This product is superb as it enables the users to wear their clothes comfortably while still gives their caregiver, doctors, and nurses the accesses to conduct any necessary examination or give any necessary medication.

You can also opt Care + Wear as the gift. Bringing the motto of “Let’s get back to living!”, this clothing offers cancer patients great comfort when using its product. This product is able to help the patients get rid of the problems from having a PICC line. This product makes sure that the effort of covering the line will be easy to do and the exposure from outside agents can be minimized. This product also makes sure that you will not get poor materials.

Next, you can give AnaOno a try. This product is lingerie that is uniquely designed for women having breast surgery, mastectomy, or breast reconstruction. Simply said, it is bras for the patients of breast cancer. The bras are wearable for both recovery and radiation.

Then, we have DryPro in our clothing recommendation. If your loved ones love swimming or any other activities dealing with water, this kind of body protector which is waterproof will be a perfect choice for your gift. Dry Pro body protectors are made of latex. Also, it features a vacuum seal to avoid being pulled off. What is more from this body protector, it is reusable, durable, and open on the ends of both hands to let the users’ hands always be free.

Also, we recommend you a shirt conveying meaningful message for cancer patients. You can take a look at a community producing Chemo Brain is Real Shirt. The community will be ready to facilitate you with a shirt that can convey any supportive and or meaningful messages for the ones suffering from chemo fog or chemo brain or any other types of cancer. Turn your messages into a shirt!

DIY Gifts for Your Buddies Undergoing Cancer Chemo

You may think that buying goods from any store as a gift for cancer patients are just too common. Well, at some cases it is! If you agree with that, you may be interested in creating your own gift. Exactly! A DIY gift! Work with your creativity and give a personal touch to your handmade to give the most unforgettable gift ever!

The first idea on DIY project to make a gift for cancer patients undergoing chemo is mindset collages. Give your loved ones a thoughtful give while helping them stay positive during their illness treatment. Mindset collages are actually the ones like mood boards. They come with dreams and hope for the future, positive affirmation that sometimes can also be complemented with a touch of humor.

Who doesn’t love gift basket? Make your own handmade gift baskets for your beloved and spoil them. Particular kinds of cancer treatment such as chemo can bring some unpleasant things to the patients’ body such as energy levels, the way the taste, skin sensitivity, and the way the smell something.

For your handmade gift baskets, assemble chocolate, candles, magazine, and a huge portion of big and warm hug! Although your handmade gift basket is not very big, what counts is the thought. Make it unique and make it personal so it can contribute massive encouragement for them.

Besides, your gift basket can also be the arrangements of comics, books, magazines, or crossword puzzle or a set of digital movies or DVD. All depends on what the patients’ interests are. Arrange them in such a way the basket will look interesting.

What to Avoid in Giving a Gift to Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemo

We have got the long list of the gift recommendation above. Now it is the time to be alert on the things that need avoiding when we are going to give a gift to cancer patients. Make sure you get rid of the goods will not bring sides effects to their treatment protocol nor their treatment progress.

The first thing that needs avoiding is bouquet of flowers. During treatment, cancer patients will be experiencing some changes in their immune system. Natural fungal spores and pollens from flowers, for example, can evoke a risk to them. During the treatment, furthermore, the patients’ sensitivity is increasing, making them more allergic than how they usually are. However, if you still want to give them bouquet of flowers, substitute the real flowers with the paper crafts or silk flower.

In addition to the increasing sensitivity of the cancer patients, avoid giving them perfume or any stuff having synthetic perfume as one of their ingredients. Equally important, avoid buying them candy basket or generic snacks unless you exactly know what is the recommended dietary restrictions for them are.

Last, get rid of any kind of “Get Well” type of cards. This kind of greeting cards may sound and look like positive though, but the cards and the saying will only remind the patients about the length of time of the medication and treatment and awful process they need to deal with. Many patients have admitted that this kind of cards, though good meaning, tend to make them stressful and depressed.

Instead of giving cards with “Get Well” message, opt for any cheerful, encouraging, and positive kinds of messages. Choose the words that can embody your friendship bonding with them or something hilarious or silly or the sayings about the things that always reminds you of that person. Not only will this kind of saying look 100% well meaning, it will also be better received.

Once you already decide what words to be written on your greeting cards, don’t forget to decorate the cards beautifully with watercolor or any kinds of painting equipment or accessories. Don’t just go with any color or accessories though, choose the colors or decorations that your loved ones will more likely love.

The list of gift ideas for cancer patients undergoing chemo seems to be really long. While you are exposed to bunch of options, always remembers that you also have the gift ideas you need to avoid. Choose carefully but still thoughtfully!