How to Make Colloidal Silver at Home

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 Colloidal silver has been proven to be useful for human’s health, especially for treating infections caused by yeast such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Unfortunately, purchasing colloidal silver is possible to urge break a bank due to its high price. Yet, as you now just landed in the right article about colloidal silver, you don’t need to worry about purchasing it as you can make it your own at home. Find it out below.

How to Make Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver in Brief

 Colloidal silver is a type of suspension that is composed from silver particles that are submicroscopic metallic. It usually floats in a colloidal base. Colloidal base is actually not a new alternative for a medicine. This has been used for treating various diseases such as flu and cold and used as antibiotic since the last century or in the 1920s to 1930 to be precise. Unfortunately, the use of colloidal silver tends to be declining although it can work as efficiently as the modern antibiotics.

Colloidal silver has been said to be able to combat many diseases in human’s body especially the ones caused by fungus. This device can be used to fight against viruses, bacteria, and killing diseases. Based on those who have tried it, it has been said to also be effective in boosting their immune system, especially in the case of fighting for colds and flu. Additionally, it has also been said to be significant in overcoming tissue and skin damage, treating body scars, and treating burns.

Apart from combating flu and colds, it may also be possible to treat sties, rashes, and acne. If colloidal silver is internally taken, the internal organs of our body will easily digest and absorb it and then make is as quick and effective remedy for the aforementioned disorders. This feature is what the most significant function of colloidal silver in terms of boosting our immune system.

Although it has been proven to be beneficial for our health, prior consultation with a doctor is highly advised. From the consultation, a patient can properly weigh all risks and benefits before consuming it. Going back, if you really want to use this for the goodness of your health but you don’t want to spend lots of bucks, you can make it by yourselves at home. Below is the simple method of making homemade colloidal silver.

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Things to Remember

 There is one thing to bear in mind after you finish making your colloidal silver. You have to keep or store it in a safe place. A safe place for colloidal place is a place that doesn’t get any light as colloidal silver is sensitive to it.

One of the ways to properly store you colloidal silver is by saving it in an amber colored containers that can prevent any wavelengths from affecting the solution. An amber colored container is also a great choice as the container still allows you to see through the container so that you can always know the remaining amount of the colloidal silver.

An amber colored container is not pricey, meaning that you don’t need to spend lots of bucks for properly storing your colloidal silver. There are plenty of affordable amber colored containers that are sold both online and offline. If needed, you can also buy the containers in bulk.

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In addition to what you should remember about properly storing the colloidal silver is that you must not refrigerate it ad put anything in the water. Do not try to add gelatin, minerals, coloring, honey, preservatives, or any other materials because it can trigger the water to produce a silver compound. Even more, don’t try adding salts although it may better the flow of the current. Salt will only cause the production of argyria or other silver chlorides.

Materials for Making Colloidal Silver at Home

 The method of making homemade colloidal silver below is actually the familiar way of making it that has been used for a long time. Yet there are some changes and or differences because we are using a battery source and two pieces of silver here.

Also in this method, we need to let silver wires be on a water container. When the electricity is coming to the area between the two silver pieces, the particles of the silvers will be shed and then suspended in the water. Not only is the process effective, it is also safe. The process also will not put someone at argyria risk.

Before going to the steps of making the homemade colloidal silver, take a look at the following list along with the explanation of the materials needed. Generally, there are four main materials you need to gather.

  • Source of Power

 The first material you need to get is the source of power which is four pieces of 9-volt batteries. For the sake of producing good result, you may need to purchase quite expensive batteries. However, if you only want use colloidal silver in small quantity, you may buy the cheaper ones. You may need to get lithium batteries if you want to use it for a long period of time.

In addition to the source of power, you also need leads to connect the silver to the batteries. Connect those using alligator clips that can easily be found and bought at low prices and from local hardware. You may need to but a bulk of them as they are usually sold in bundles.

Meanwhile for the silver, you can buy them in two pieces. But remember! The silver used here is not the sterling or plated one such as copper and nickel as they contain toxic chemicals. What you have to buy is silver wire. You can find it easily in a shop around you.

When buying the silver wire, make sure the one you are buying is not silver wires for jewelry because it is sterling silver. Using that kind of silver wire will never be safe due to the toxic elements inside it.

Furthermore, when buying the silver wire, opt for the ones that are at .999 percent. Not only ae they cheap, they are also rigorously regulated than the kind of wire used for jewelry, so you can certainly rely on the stuff you have spent your money on.

  • Current Regulator Diode
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 Another material you need is the one to control the current running between the silver pieces. It is current regulator diode. When one of your two pieces of silver goes into the water, little current will occur. This current is what makes this colloidal silver project unique.

Unlike distilled water, silver has conductivity in high level. So, water will soon be conductive at the moment the silver starts to shed off from the wire. Then, as the current is rising, there will be bigger silver pieces in the water.

However, the larger particles of silver is said to be not good because it is not effective in working against viruses, pathogens, and bacteria accumulated in your body. In other words, you will be in a bigger risk of getting argyria. But you don’t need to worry as this regulator diode is able to handle this issue.

What regulator diode does is maintaining the current for not increasing more than a particular level. By so, the colloidal silver machine is able to create silver ions in higher quality. However, you are still able to make the current stay at around one mill ampere only or slightly higher. If that is the case, it won’t be a big concern.

  • Distilled Water

 Opt for distilled water to get the cleanest and the best water source. Distilled water is pure and is free from any impurities and particulates. Distilled water can be easily found and purchase in any groceries and convenience stores. If you think you cannot just trust any store selling distilled water, you can make it by yourselves. There are plenty of online tutorial of making your own distilled water.

  • Container

 As this colloidal silver project is a bit improvised, you will need containers. Go purchase two containers. The containers are for holding the distilled water and thus it should be a container made of either plastic or glass.

Many people will opt for glass containers as they are considered safer and more hygienic for this kind of project. Either way, you need to find a container that is only used for this project and is ideal for doing this project.

The Steps to make Colloidal Silver at Home

 The materials used to make homemade colloidal silver may seem a few but they need to come with specific details as mentioned above to meet the needs of this project. Next, once you make sure everything is ready, you can kick off the making process as explained below:

  1. Connect the batteries in series. Remember that you need to connect a battery’s negative terminal to another battery’s positive terminal. In this step, you may skip the use of alligator clips s the 9-volt batteries are already snapped together. Now, you have a negative terminal on the right side and a positive one on the left.


  1. Connect alligator chips to each terminal. Then, start clipping the negative terminal to the current regulator diode at the end of the clip where the terminal is connected. Do this before working on another alligator clip on the other side of the diode.
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  1. The next connection you need to make is between the leads and the two silver pieces. Connect them and then submerge them into the water. When putting them into the water, make sure you rest them on the side and on the bottom of colloidal silver container.


Also, make sure they don’t touch the short circuit. One more thing is to ensure there is nothing else going into the water, especially the alligator clips as the clips can shed off the solution particles.


  1. Wait for a couple of hours to start witnessing a reaction in the water. Soon, you will see the silver particles saturating the water. The length of time you need to take to start watching the reaction depends on the volume of water in the container.


Firstly, you will see the water turning to be a bit yellowish in color. The color changing will be clearer if you put a piece of paper under the water container. The container will illuminate the color.


  1. After observing what happen to the water and the container for a couple of hours, you know now how long it takes to make colloidal silver next time, so you can time the process by setting an alarm.


When you are finished with all the process of making the colloidal silver in this first batch, pour the solution to the amber container that you have set aside before.


  1. You now already have your DIY colloidal silver. To use it, you can try the method of sublingual although it is not really necessary. There will only be 10% of the silver that stay in our body, while the rest will be just flushed out.


The advisable way to use the colloidal silver that you just made it is by swishing it around the mouth for about ten minutes. That is a safer and more effective method of using colloidal silver because by doing so you don’t need to worry about the 10% of the colloidal silver that can stay in your body system.

In the administration of sublingual, you can still get the benefits of the particles that travel throughout the system of your body and you can leave the worry about residue or deposits behind. You can also use the colloidal silver that you just made by using it to treat wounds or as disinfectant or as solution to clean your house.

Now that you already have all the information you need to make colloidal silver at home, you are ready to go! Fight those problems affecting your immune system by your handmade and homemade colloidal silver!