At Home Tattoo Removal – Options You Need to Know

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No matter how you love your tattoo, there will be a particular time when you need to rid of it. Therefore, you need to find out the best removal way. If you want to do the tattoo removal but don’t want to travel, you can do at home tattoo removal. Yet, before doing it, make sure you already know all important information about it. Let us help you with some:

Home Tattoo Removal in Short


Some people may prefer laser tattoo removal to the home one due to many reasons. However, little may they know that removing tattoo using laser carries lots of risks such as infections and some bad effects to the skin look. To get rid of the bad effect of tattoo removal, you have to try home tattoo removal whose level of safety is way higher than the laser one.

Removing tattoo at home may not be well known although it offers you bunch of advantages: less pain and higher safety, to mention some. Apart from those benefits, this kind of tattoo removal is way simpler and more affordable that can save you more than $2000. What is more, this tattoo removal method can leave you better end skin look than what laser removal does. In other word, the end result is satisfying and stunning, helping you avoid darker or brighter skin.

On top of that, you got to know the best part of it. This tattoo removal can remove your tattoo without leaving side effects to your, making it the safest and the best tattoo removal method. Furthermore, you have plenty of choices on how to remove your tattoo at home. The choices cover the materials you use to remove your tattoo such as yoghurt, aloe vera, salabrasion, creams, and many others, all of which come from natural resources.

Give It to Aloe Vera!

You may never have come across an idea of removing your tattoo using aloe vera before. Believe it or not it is a superb method for your tattoo removal! While it can erase your tattoo safely at home, it can also provide great nutrients for your skin. There are two methods of removing your tattoo using aloe vera: mixing it with yoghurt and mixing it with honey.

Let’s begin it with aloe vera + yoghurt. Tattoo removal method using aloe vera and yoghurt is not so well known although it has been proven to be effective. However, it now has been more popular due to the fact that some people who want to remove their tattoo have sensitive skin. This method has thus been developed as it is undeniably a perfect choice for those who want to do tattoo removal while keeping their skin well treated with healthy nutrients.

If you want to try removing your tattoo using this method, follow these instructions: make a mixture of yoghurt and aloe vera, apply the mixture on your tattooed skin, and repeat the mixture application up to 4 times a day. Repeating the process for 4 times a day must be fulfilled, otherwise it won’t be effective. Eventually, you will be able to see that the tattoo gets fading and soon fully vanishes.

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Removing tattoo using aloe vera and yoghurt may take more of your patience. However, you better not belittle this method as it offers you with painless tattoo removal. Although this method is still rare, the fact that it causes no pain should be on the top of your consideration.

What is more from this method, while removing your tattoo using these natural materials, you are actually giving your skin healthy ingredients such as vitamin E. At the end of your tattoo removal, not only will you get your tattoo removed, you will also get your skin nourished, leaving your with shinier skin after the tattoo removal.

Removing tattoo using aloe vera and yoghurt seems to be the one and only way that provides your skin health nutrients and that cures your skin. These facts make this tattoo removal method the best tattoo removal method that you can do at home.

Next, we can also give the mixture of aloe vera and honey a try. However, this method will not completely remove your tattoo. It will only make your tattoo fade. If you want to try this solution, simply mix aloe vera and honey. Then, rub the solution on your tattooed skin and give some massage for a couple of minutes. After that, leave the solution of your skin for about 30 minutes.

Done waiting for 30 minutes, get warm water and clean your skin. For the best result, you need to repeat the procedure for a couple of times. It may not be the best method to remove your tattoo, but it is an effective way to fade your tattoo.

Again, as the solution is made of natural materials, this method is free from side effects and thus is able to be used by people having sensitive skins. To make the removal quicker and more effective and to get better end result, you can mix the solution with yoghurt.


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As Simple as Salt

If you don’t want to bother finding aloe vera and other stuff for your tattoo removal, you have another way to take away that tattoo using grains of salt. Removing tattoo using salt is more common than aloe vera and it is way simpler to do at home. Tattoo removal using salt is also called salabrasion.

To use this method, what you need is simply a few grains of salt and what you need to do is rub it on your tattooed skin. This method should aim for the dermis or your skin’s second layer. This is the layer where your tattoo is located. Rubbing the salt on this layer will remove it completely. Although this method is safe, it still causes a bit of pain. However, it surely offers you painless effect compared to the laser method.

As aforementioned above about the pain of using this method, you will surely need to take pain killer. Don’t worry too much about the pain as this method will leave you with no severe threats as well as other side effects.

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To make sure you will get less pain and better end result, you’d better see a dermatologist to have advance consultation. As how the method using aloe vera works, you need to repeat the procedure of the removal for a couple of times. Consultation with your dermatologist will help you find the best time frame on how to give days pause between the method repetitions so that your skin can keep regenerating.

Give Lemon Juice a Go!

Scared of trying salt as your tattoo removal? Try mixing it with lemon juice! It is another great and safe way to remove your tattoo at home. Unfortunately, this method will not remove your tattoo completely. It will just help you to make your tattoo lighter. However, this method has been the most chosen method by most people at some point.

If you want to try this method, simply buy a lemon and some salt. Then, cut the lemon into halves and squeeze it to make lemon juice. After that, mix the lemon juice with salt. Once the solution is done, apply it on your tattooed skin and leave it there for about 30 minutes. After that, clean your skin using warm water. To get the best result, you need to repeat the procedure for several times.

As how other at home tattoos removal methods above, this tattoo removal is completely safe and painless. Although it will just lighten your tattoo, it is definitely worth trying at home!

The Power of Sand Powder

Here comes another method you can try for your home tattoo removal. But, before trying it, make sure you don’t have sensitive skin. Another important note for this tattoo removal is this causes some pain. However, this tattoo removal method is deemed the most effective way in most cases.

If you want to try this method, make sure you follow these following instructions: clean and wash your tattooed skin before starting the removal method. Then, grab a sponge or something similar for rubbing the sand powder to your skin. The sponge is used to remove some layers of your skin so that you can reach the layer in which your tattoo is located. Due to the fact of the side effect, i.e. pain, take some pain killers.

Don’t worry too much about the pain from applying this method. The pain is one and only side effect from this method. There will be no any other bad effects from applying this method for your tattoo removal. Although it is a bit painful, this method is called the most effective tattoo removal method. Therefore, it is worth trying at home.

This method is also called the oldest method in tattoo removal, meaning that lots of people have used this method before. To get the best result from this method, you need to repeat the procedure for a couple of times so that you can remove your tattoo completely.

Choose Cream for the Job!

The last method you can do for your home tattoo removal is using cream. This method can help you remove your tattoo buy slowly fading it. Unfortunately, unlike the previous methods, this tattoo removal method has bad effects to 20% of the users, making it not completely safe method to use.

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The cream that is used for the removal is actually made to conceal your tattoo. The way it works is just like make up does. Although it brings side effects, many people have said that this method is effective.

The Cons of Home Tattoo Removal

After understanding the options of tattoo removal methods at home, let’s see why home tattoo removal should be your preference over the laser method.

Laser tattoo is surely effective to remove your tattoo completely. However, the cons of this method are just too many. Tattoo removal using laser requires you to be ready with $1000. This amount of money can be bigger depending on the location of your tattoo, the size of your tattoo, and how many treatments you should take.

What is more, laser tattoo removal means brings you utmost amount of pain that you may not be able to bear. Also, this method cannot be used by just any person. You need to make sure your skin is not sensitive before starting the removal treatment. If your skin is sensitive, you definitely need to find an alternative method.

Natural tattoo removal that you can do at home offers you the opposite effect. Although the methods are not very popular, they are the safest and the best way to get rid of your tattoo. There are a lot of reasons to prove that. Firstly and the most importantly, home tattoo removal causes no side effects and brings no bad effect to both your skin and your health.

What is more, although the methods use natural ingredients, they are absolutely able to completely remove your tattoo without any effect to your skin appearance. Once you are done removing it, your skin tone will not be different. It is surely what people expect from a tattoo removal: their friends will not know that they had a tattoo before.

In addition, the tattoo removal at home can save you lots of bucks! Most of the methods mentioned above will only cost you $10 maximum. The cost will surely get smaller if you already have the supplies for making the solution at home because you just use the ingredients for your daily needs.

What is the best from home tattoo removal is that you can simply choose when and where you are going to do the tattoo removal. The time is up to your availability, while you can always do the removal process in the comfort of your home and indeed in privacy.

You now know the choices to do your home tattoo removal along with the way to do it and the side effect, if any. Make sure you know your skin best before choosing the best home tattoo removal for you!