The Guidance to Best Creatine For Women

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It has been a hot debate for years: should women take creatine like men do? This question roams among those who are currently active in body building program. Nonetheless, this simple question also reaches the public’s ears. Despite the concern about being overly muscular, creatine actually holds more secrets and benefits many people don’t know yet.

best creatine for women

What Is Creatine?

It is a compound discovered in early 1800s. At that time, the researchers find it as the main part of mammal muscles. The compound creatine is named after Greek words “Kreas”, which mean flesh. Further research was conducted, mostly in animals to learn about the function of creatine. It was found that wild fox has ten times higher number of creatine compared to the captived one.

Under the laboratory equipments, it could be seen that creatine is build from 3 amino acids. It is not a synthetic compound, but the natural one since the component could be found in the body. Creatine plays its own part in cellular energy regulation. This part, for instance, has direct relation to muscle cells. Those who are familiar with muscle building steps might have heard about ADP and ATP before.

Both compounds are the main protein in energy making. Creatine lends a chain of phosphate from itself to ADP (adenisine diphosphate). Then, ADP could form ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It will be used immediately by muscle as the fuel. Don’t forget that while exercising, carbohydrate and fats are burnt and the smaller chains are delivered to the ATP synthesis process.

The normal process itself take place during cellular respiration. To be able to start the process, it requires carbohydrates or fats as well as oxygen. However, during intense workout, oxygen level is reduced in muscle tissue. This is the reason muscle has early exhaustion. In chemical term, the ADP number is decreasing, thus affecting the production of ATP as well.

It would be a different story for those who had consumed the creatine before hand. Even when the oxygen supply is in low state, the person’s muscle keep working well. How is this possible? Creatine help ADP to change into ATP. As the result, muscle strength will be prolonged. Longer muscle work means a lot of things: more reps, more weight to lift, and longer experience of exercising.

Does Creatine Give Water Weight?

One thing many body builder hear about creatine is the water weight part. For many people, this is a thing they least like to have. So, is this statement true? Creatine chemical chain has strong attraction to water molecule. In the other words, while creatine enters your cells, water will tag along. As the result, there will be extra pounds of “muscle”.  This happens especially when the person has just started the creatine supplement.

The fact that the muscle only consists of water is quite shocking for the body builders. However, this condition actually triggers the body to create muscles. Having more water in the muscle cells is equal to hydrated and high volume muscle. It has certain effect in the cellular level: activating certain protein to produce more muscles. In the end, the water weight worried in the beginning gives two double effect for muscle gain.

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Is Creatine Some Kind Of Steroids?

Since creatine is often consumed by body builders, many people think that it is a variant of steroid. Once again, it is not. Creatine is a natural part of human body, and the supplement is just meant to double the number, boosting ATP production in cells. Quite interesting enough, when a body builder consumes creatine and pair it up with exercise, his body produces more testosterone compared the number produced with exercise only.

The phenomenon is actually the indirect result of consuming creatine. Since the natural compound could trigger more muscle gains, body tries to keep up by releasing more testosterone hormone. Another concern raised by the first timers are whether creatine cause acne breakout. The answer for this question cannot be given to general audience.

Just like how testosterone level raised as the indirect effect, the acne breakout case also shares similar point. However, the later case depends solely on the person’s reaction to the testosterone level and muscle strain. A thing that happened to one person might not be found in the others.

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Why Women Starts Taking Creatine?

From all the benefits that have been presented, each one of them helps muscle building. Now the problem is that public associates muscle with those muscular body builders. This point is far from what many women expected to get from a supplement. Still, many women take them to complete the exercise program. What are the reasons?

There are only two factors that could tempt many women to take creatine. First of all, it gives more power. This is important as they could do more exercise with less break. As the result, the body goal could be achieved in no time. Moreover, longer workouts means more calories to burn, securing the healthy body.

The second point is to look better. Being muscular after taking creatine is not like what people think it would be. Those who take the supplements won’t turn into bulky she-male. It is exactly the opposite; only lean muscle will be formed. This is what most women dream of: a fitting body with firm muscle, highlighting every curve they have on their body.

How Many Creatine Types Are There?

When people discuss about different types of a product, usually the difference lies on the ingredients or the producing process. For creatine case, it doesn’t work that way. Instead of the ingredients, the alteration is found on the transport vector mode of each variant. This types are important, as they will cover different type of body reaction of creatine usability.

  • Monohydrate Creatine

People describe this product as the gold standard. Just like how it is named, the efficiency is on high quality level, while the price is quite affordable. For these qualities, monohydrate creatine is quite on demand in the market.

  • Creatine Hydrochloride

Some women might chase the muscle gain, while the others prefer to run after the beauty effect. In this case, the perfect type would be creatine hydrochoride. While consuming it, there will be no such thing as water gain. The formulation allows the special creatine to do so.

  • Creatine Ethyl Ester
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In terms of absorption quality, this type is falling quite far from the first type. In the beginning, though, creatine ethyl ester is promoted as the compound that has the “most effective” absorption. This condition continues until a study in 2009 has another statement to make.

  • Multi Creatine Formulas

In market terms, this product will be described as “all in one”. Why? It is because it has multiple delivery modes. Instead of relying on one single mode only, this creatine type offer a wide spectrum of creatine supply. As the result, there is a “timing effect” mode. In the other words, creatine will be distributed in different activities done by the person.

When Is The Best Time To Take Creatine?

Most person who decide to take creatine must hope to get the best result from consuming the muscle gain supplement. As the guidance to best creatine for women, it is time to discuss the time when creatine works in optimum mode. If the consumers could hit this time every time, real result will be seen soon.

  • Pre Workout Period

One of the most famous time to take supplement or energy drink is prior to the exercise. This is when the bodybuilders and women might get the most benefits from creatine. Why? It is because creatine itself needs sometime to be digested and ready to be used by the body. In total, it approximately takes one hour process. The 30 minutes rules then give just enough time for creatine digestion.

Right when the person is going down from exhaustion, creatine kicks in. As the result, normal pace will be restored. Even better, the individual could go further and longer than expected.

  • Post Workout Period

Many people think that consuming supplement after workout has no effect to the body. Thus, they tend to avoid this period. While in fact, this is another golden time for body builders to take creatine. After the workout, body activates different system. First of all, creatine number is depleted greatly, since it has been used up when the person is exercising.

Having the supplement after workout will restore creatine level to normal. Plus, post workout supplement will instantly boost the insulin level and provides carbohydrates. One question some people ask is: when is the exact time for “post workout”? Basically, any time after workout is fine, as long as it is not right before bed.

The Purchase Guidance

After learning about creatine, there should be less reason to decline the temptation of this supplement. It has all that women need to improve their body shape and muscle. The next thing to do is purchasing creatine. Before putting the product to the shopping carts, make sure to consider several important points. These would help the costumers decide which product to buy.

  • Ingredients
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If there is one thing all costumers must do the moment they see a product, it will be checking the ingredients. It is important to know whether each capsule or tablets are made from synthetic compound or natural ones. Each will give different effect to the body. Between these two, the costumers are suggested to pick the all-natural ingredients. These components are safer to use with less allergic case.

Don’t be tempted by the nice label that clearly mentioning about tasteful supplement. It is better to avoid any kind of additional flavoring and sugar. This rule also applies for the other kinds of preservatives and additives. These artificial things might break the real function of creatine supplement.

  • Efficiency of Product

This is the fun part of supplement shopping. Once the costumers decide which product to buy, it is time to do simple research. Go online and read buyers’ review about the product. Try to focus on anything describing about the result after consuming creatine. If possible, also find the period needed for the mentioned result. When the costumers bump into unreliable and ineffective products, just drop the choices.

First, it will be a waste of money. Some supplements are even more expensive than the real medication, so why taking risk for something untrusted? In order to prove the effectiveness, the costumers might want to see the research conducted on the product. It helps to determine the absorption level in the body. One of the most recommended product is micronized creatine supplements.

  • Value of Money

It is not a lie that the costumers need to purchase something valuable. The term “valuable” here refers to the balance of quality and price. Many people who get scam products are those who blindly believe that more expensive products will bring better result. Sadly, this is not the case. In the market, a lot of items offered and each of them try to appeal themselves to the costumers, sometimes without anything to show.

The best way is to get the most effective products with the lowest price. Again, the term “lowest” doesn’t mean the cheapest in its category. Lowest price offered in the market could only mean two things: close to expire product or low quality ingredients. Keep in mind that to get quality, best items should be paid with the proper price.

Finding the best value product is actually quite easy. It should be seen from the quantity of serving, the ingredients and the price. When the top ingredients are used to make certain number of capsules or tablets, the costumers could already guess the decent price for such combination.

One common mistake done by the many body builders is going after the detailed information and neglect the basic guidance. This is to reiterate all the explanation about the guidance to best creatine for women: it works in similar way on men and women bodies. But, there will be no bulky muscle for women!