Front Teeth Crowns – All the What’s and How You Should Know

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No matter how carefully and attentively you’ve taken care of your teeth, cracks, decay, chips, or any other kinds of damage are sometimes unavoidable, giving our teeth unpleasing look, especially when the damage happens to our front teeth. The ideal solution for this problem is front teeth crown. Before getting your front teeth crowned, make sure you have understood this following information:

What is Front Teeth Crown?

Giving your front teeth crown is actually giving the teeth located in the front part of your moth shaped covering. The covering is designed in such a way it can enclose the teeth’s visible part. The crown itself is usually made from various materials.

Some of the materials come in natural teeth look, while some others in metal colored one. Some common materials used for making teeth crown are metal alloys such as platinum, gold, and palladium; dental ceramic such as zirconia or porcelain; and a combination of both, a metal crown as the inner crown that is infused with ceramic.

Front teeth are the ones that are most visible. So, when one of the teeth gets decayed, for example, the damage will be clearly seen. A proper treatment needs doing so that the owner of the tooth can maintain the health and the beauty of his teeth look.

Back to several years ago, the only way to cure such teeth problem was to remove it. Fortunately, teeth crown, as one of the development in dental technology, can offer a new solution that is way better. Teeth crown can help a dentist to maintain the structure of a tooth without causing much discomfort from an extraction.

What is best from dental crown for your front teeth is it can repair the whole damage of your front teeth. Unlike a filling, it can only help you with not much portion of your teeth. What is more, even though your teeth are crowned, they will just function normally as natural teeth. It is surely a great idea to restore the damage of your front teeth. Keep them healthy and beautiful altogether!

How Should Someone Prepare Their Front Teeth to Get Crowning?

 If you plan to get your front teeth crowned, you have to be ready to spare many times to make some appointments with your dentist. The preparation for the crowning itself will cost you at least two visits to your dentist.

During the preparation, you will undergo several steps such as an x-ray to see the tooth in detail and to find out the condition of the bone surrounding the tooth. From the x-ray, you will also find out whether or not you have significant infection and or decay. If you do, you will have to undergo a canal treatment for your tooth root.

After the x-ray process, your tooth that needs capping has to be filled to provide some rooms for the cap. The room is even more needed if you need to use caps made of porcelain fused to metal. The filling is needed to build the structure of your tooth to prevent you from natural tooth decay or any significant damage. Then, your tooth will be given a paste impression or a putty to reshape your tooth so that the crown will fit your tooth properly. All these procedures should be done in cap manufacturer laboratory.

Furthermore, during the preparation time, you may need to use a temporary dental crown for about three weeks. The reason for this is that your tooth permanent cap is still under manufacturer. When your permanent cap is done, your temporary crown will be removed on the next dentist visit. Once it’s removed, the cap is going through a fitting, the tooth is going through anesthetic treatment to make it numb, and a new crown is going to be permanently cemented.

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How is the Crown for Front Teeth Done?

 There are actually two methods in crowning front teeth. They are the crowning in a single visit and the other one is as mentioned above, a crowning that takes a couple of dentist visits. Both methods will give you the same kind of crowning. What make them different are the availability of equipment and materials and the ability of your dentist.

Crowning front teeth typically takes two visits. In the first visit, you will cover shaping the tooth, taking the tooth impression, and giving a temporary crown. In this first visit, you only need to spare 30 minutes up to one hour.

Before having the second visit to your dentist, you have two wait around two until three weeks. During that time, your dentist will fabricate your tooth crown in their dental laboratory. When the crown is finished, the patient will have to make the second visit to cement the permanent crown. For this second visit, a patient only needs to spare around 20 minutes or so to complete the crowning procedure.

If you think you can manage to arrange two dentist appointments for dental crowning, you can try the single-visit dental crown. If you want to try this, however, you need to make sure that your dentist have that CAD/CAM equipment in their offices, otherwise, this single-visit dental crowning cannot be conducted. The whole process of this single-visit dental crowning will only take around one hour.

How is this single-visit crowning done then? It is done with the help of CAD (Computer Aided Design) or CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). When using CAD, the impression of a tooth will be fed into computer software to get the information about the tooth. The tooth’s information along with its stock are then melded to produce the customized design of the needed crown. Meanwhile, when using CAM, a milling machine is used to fabricate restorations. The restorations are then grinded out of dental ceramic.

Although not all dentists are ready with such machines, the equipment and materials are actually not new in a dental crowning. The first CAM/CAD machines appeared in 1980’s. Around that age, many of those machines had been found on the market.

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What Are Front Teeth Crown Made From?

 Basically, there are three options of materials that can be used for manufacturing a tooth crown. They are porcelain fused to metal, bonded all porcelain, and strength all ceramic. Here are the things that make them different from each other:

Porcelain fused to metal is a kind of material that suits those people that are not really aiming for appearance, meaning that “being good” is enough for them. Although this material cannot offer the best look to your teeth, it is deemed the strongest material from all crowns from porcelain. Choosing this material also help your dentist to do the crowning more easily.

Next is bonded all porcelain. This is crown material that provides you with the best and the most natural end result to your teeth. This material is the best choice for your front teeth as it can beautify the look of the most visible teeth of yours. However, the drawback of this material is the fact that it is not very strong. Besides, you need to make sure that your dentist is trained enough to do the crowning as placing a crown made of this material is not easy.

The last common material for making a crown for your front teeth is extra strength all ceramic. This material seems to be most of dentist’s favorite as they don’t really need specialized training to place the crowns properly. Also, this material doesn’t contain any esthetic disadvantage from metal. The drawback from choosing this material for your dental crown is that it is not esthetic as the previous material, the bonded all porcelain. However, the look of these two may be quite close.


How Long Does a Front Teeth Crown Last?

 Aftr getting your front teeth crowned, you will finally get the fresh and beautiful look of your front teeth back. Yet, as the caps looks like natural teeth, you may forget the time you had your dental crown and thus you come up with a common questions “how long does my dental crown last?” You really need to understand the right information about the life span of your dental crown.

In most cases of dental crown, front teeth crown will last up to 15 years. Yet, at some other cases, the crown may stay or may have stayed for almost 30 years. As dental crowns have to last for a minimum of 5 years, an insurance company covering dental treatment will stand for the crown replacement fee after 5 years.

The important thing is, if you care for your dental crown well, it may last a lifetime. The crown is indeed subject to fractures and cavities. Giving it extra care in brushing the crowned teeth and flossing them, for example, will surely hinder you from often crown replacement.

The frequency of the crown replacement depends on many factors, some of which are the amount of tear and wear such as chewing and biting forces exposed to the crown, accidental trauma, and tooth grinding. Besides, the way you keep your teeth free from plaque also determines how often you should do the crown replacement. Based on the latest research results, the average lifespan of front teeth crown is 94% in the first 5 years and then it decreases into 90% for another 5 years.

Apart from what are exposed to the crown, other factors influencing the longevity of your front teeth crown is the materials used to manufacture the crown (metal, gold, or porcelain) and also the number of remaining tooth when you were getting the tooth crowning.

Regardless the factors influencing tooth crown longevity, there is still another important thing you need to bear in mind so that the way you treat your tooth crown will not lead to crown failure. No matter what kind of materials used for manufacturing the crown, be it porcelain, metal, or gold, the right hygiene determines it all. The worse the hygiene you have around the crowned teeth, the bigger the chances you are experiences failure of the crown.

How to Protect Front Tooth Crown?

 The factors influencing the longevity of your front tooth crown listed above should make you alert every time. While always keeping in mind those factors, you also need to bear in mind some important ways to protect your front tooth crown from decay. Keep your dental crown in the finest shape by following these tips:

It is advisable for you to decrease the amount of hard objects that you need to bit and chew. The harder the objects, the more the damage both your dental crown and natural teeth will experience. If it is possible for you, you can avoid those hard objects such as ice and hard candies. Equally important, avoid the habit of biting pencils and pens and chewing nails.

Still related to the kind objects exposed to your mouth and teeth, it is also suggested for you to decrease or even avoid taking much beverages and foods that cause stain to your teeth. Although porcelain cannot easily stain, that kind of beverage and food can turn the adjacent teeth to be discolored, resulting in making your dental crown stand out and looks not natural.

The next tip is coming from the way you are supposed to maintain the hygiene of your mouth and teeth. Maintain your oral hygiene by flossing at least once a day. Besides, build a right habit to brush your teeth minimum twice a day and or after having meal. Other important notes about how you are supposed to do the brushing are giving spcial attention to the location where the lines of your gum meet the dental crown and choosing the right toothpaste. Purchase the one that is not very abrasive.

Besides, Last but not least, how to take care and protect your front tooth crown is actually not that different from protecting your other teeth. Make sure you pay your dentist a visit regularly to check whether your dental crown is undamaged and still stable.

The basic definition of front teeth crown up to the correct ways of protecting it have been summarized to you above. Use them as your guidance before coming to your dentist and deciding to do dental crown and always keep in mind the entire important information to maintain your dental crown.