Why Choosing Safflower Oil For Skin?

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Oil treatment is gaining popularity in these past years. It is not only well-known as the cooking ingredients, but also beauty product. To nourish the skin, some best choices are sunflower oil and tea tree oil. Now, there is one more option that offer better skin care than sunflower oil. This phenomenal product is called safflower oil.

Why Is Safflowers Oil Good?

Before discussing about the oil, isn’t it better to learn about the flower itself? The safflower or also called as Carthamus tinctorius grows every year in more or less 60 countries all around the world. This is a kind of flower that has a lot of branches, with bright orange crown on the top. After extracted to oil, it is widely used in beauty products as well as cooking ingredients.

The reason for this double use is quite simple. As a cooking oil, it has been labeled as great replacement for vegetable oil, which is always in stock in the market. It also helps the consumers to lower the cholesterol levels. Moreover, this useful oil also improve human immune system. Those who are concerned about heart disease could consume safflower oil in ease. This special oil is rich in monosaturated fat.

It is the opposite of saturated fat, which effect is the raise of cholesterol level in the body. The monosaturated fat will combat the bad LDL cholesterol found in the bloodstream. Thus, the risk of having plaque walls inside the arteries is decreased. By consuming safflower oil, the consumer has pressed the possibility of heart attacks and stroke. As a beauty product, many experts claim that it has similar content to sunflower oil.

How Many Types Of Safflower Oil Are There?

In general, there are two different kinds of safflower oil. The first kind is high oleic acid safflower oil. Another name of it is omega 9. The characteristic of this oil is its yellow color. After going through laboratory test, this kind of oil has monounsaturated fatty acid. Actually, this component could be found in most food, especially the fresh one. This fatty acid is often found in baked goods such as pie, bread, and cakes.

When a person consumes enough oleic acid, he already stock good nourishment for healthy hair and skin. Oil rich in oleic acid also helps to pull down blood pressure by managing the adrenoreceptors. In addition, this oil facilitates more fat burning. The components tend to burn the fat rather than storing it under the skin layer. Another health benefit is boosting body immune by pushing white blood cell production.

Any cosmetic product that use oleic acid will have moisturizing feature, since the oil helps the skin to keep hydrated, youthful and supple. Moreover, it also prevent swelling skin on the users. The oleic acid fights dirt and bacteria, preventing acne to form.

On the other hand, linoleic acid is known as omega 6, which composed from polyunsaturated fat. Unlike omega 9 which could be found in most foods, there are only specific options for this component. Keep in mind that the lack of linoleic acid would give bad effect to the body, from health complication to deficiency. Some safe names for omega 6 supply are avocado, nuts, palm oil, and flaxseed oil.

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If the consumers choose to apply the oil on the skin, it will help to heal the skin. When the person is not having enough linoleic acid, the sebum will be sticky and clogged, making it vulnerable to acne breakout. Some experts even suggest the use of oil high in linoeic acid to do what is called “oil cleansing”. In some cases, the oil dissolves skin impurities. Another advantage of this variant is the lightweight. It is easier for skin to absorb.

Why Choose Safflower Oil For Skin?

The most mentioned reason for consumers to choose safflower oil is its benefit to the skin. Whatever the form is, this almighty oil always bring the best out of the skin. If it has uncontrollable acne, then safflower oil will remove the problem from the root. Aside from the mentioned one, there are a lot more reasons to choose this beauty oil than the other ones.

  • For Glowing Skin

One brilliant function of safflower oil is as the lubricant that locks water inside the skin. As the result, skin has more moisture for longer period. The abundant amount of moisture makes the skin glows brightly. No more dry skin with parched skin. Applying safflower oil on this area will soften it up, slowly filling the lack of moisture on the cellular layer.

  • For Smooth Skin Texture

Don’t forget that safflower oil contains approximately 78% of linoleic acid. In this case, the components are not hurting the skin, but nourishing it instead. Those who have problem with acne are suggested to apply the oil daily. It will help to control the oily sebum and prevent dirt to clog the pore. In some cases, safflower oil is paired with several other oils.

  • For Youthful Look

Thanks to the high concentration to linoleic acid inside, this special oil is able to ensure the integrity of plasma membrane. It is also important to highlight that safflower oil promotes the growth of healthier skin. If the users already have healthy skin, then the oil will help to maintain it, giving a youthful look even for aged users. It also prevent wrinkles and maintain skin elasticity.

  • For Less Comedones

Some people who are fighting with comedones (whiteheads and blackheads) might read somewhere about the strong agent that could wipe them out. It is linoleic acid. In the other words, applying the safflower oil will help reducing a great number of comedones. The work principal is similar to acne. The oil will control sebum and push out all the foreign matter from the pores.

  • For Massage

Using the safflower oil alone might sound like a good idea. However, in the end of the process, the skin might get dry. Therefore, it is important to blend the safflower oil with some other oils like tamanu or flaxseed. If the users love aromatic oil, don’t forget to put a few drops of essentials oils.

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How to Apply Safflower Oil on Skin?

In order to get the maximum benefits from the almighty oil, it is important to learn about the correct step. After all, applying safflower oil on skin is not literally dropping the essence to the skin surface. There are simple preparations to make the absorption process goes well.

The preparation requires the users to put out antioxidant carrier as well as the safflower oil. Take 10 to 15 drops of the safflower oil to the separated bowl. Mix the drops with antioxidant carrier oil. The users could take literally any kind of antioxidant carrier, but the recommended one is grape seed oil. The purpose of making this mixture is to allow the oil absorbs faster.

Then, pour the mixture to a small bottle. Make sure the lid could be closed tightly, since the users won’t want any leakage. Don’t forget to keep it in a refrigerator. Otherwise, the mixture will go rancid. That is the preparation for the oil mixture. It is time for the users to prepare their face. Go to the sink and wash the face with soap. Rinse the foam with lukewarm water.

Lightly dry the washed skin with a tapping motion. After that, put a few drops of safflower oil on the face skin. Spread the oil to the entire face using fingers. Then, massage the oil gently to help with the absorption process. The users must try their best not to touch eyes area, since it will sting. Careful attention might be given to the area with dry skin or swollen problem. It is also possible to add a few more drops on this area.

It is suggested to repeat this procedure daily, especially after washing face in the morning. The mixture acts as natural sunscreen, which combats the bad effects of UV Rays on the skin.

Is There Any Other Benefits Of Safflower Oil?

The title “almighty oil” won’t be awarded to oil that can nourish specific area. Since safflower oil has this title, it could heal not only skin layer, but also some other diseases. Remember that the effect could only be seen after regular use. The help offered doesn’t happen in one night. The oil also needs time to work the magic out.

  • For Diabetic Patients

Those who are diagnosed with diabetes must have high level of sugar in their blood. Then, one way to help them is by managing the level of sugar in the blood system. In the previous sentences, it has been explained that safflower oil is the house of omega 6 fatty acid, which cannot be produced independently by the body. Therefore, human body needs supply from the outside for this component.

The high concentration of omega 6 fatty acid goes as far as 75% of the total component. It is 10% higher than the competitor, sunflower oil. In the other words, consuming safflower oil will help to reduce the sugar level in the blood. With regular consumption, it will save the patients from severe diabetes stage.

  • For Baldness
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For your information, safflower oil is composed of two kinds of acid: linoleic and oleic. The later one functions as the guardian of scalp and hair. Applying or consuming safflower oil therefore will help to improve the circulation in the scalp, boosting hair growth as well as keeping strength of the hair follicles.

How do the users know that their hair grows healthily? Take a look at the shiny look and the less number of fallen hair after rinsing. This is the reason why safflower oil is mentioned as the active ingredients in several shampoo products.

  • For Obesity Case

In many cases, people are overweight because of fast food and also too much consumption of vegetable oil. Even when the fresh ingredients are healthy, they could be ruined by the unhealthy vegetable oil. Once it is digested by the body system, the fat is mostly stored under the skin layer. This is how people get obesity problem.

A simple step of changing the cooking oil to safflower oil would be a giant lap for the consumer’s health. First of all, it consists of omega 6 fatty acid. This component will help burning the fat instead of throwing it under the skin layer. Without big change to daily diet, people could get more benefits from safflower oil.

  • For Salad Dressing

Safflower has one unique characteristic, separating it from the other oil variants. It is flavorless or has “neutral” taste as mentioned in culinary term. Therefore, safflower oil is the first choice for salad dressing. For some other cuisine that require taste and flavor, the cooks usually prefer to have olive or sesame oil. The first option has wide range of taste, while the later one comes with its nutty flavor.

Is It Safe For Any Type Of Skin?

In general, safflower should help the patients with any skin type. However, sometimes the users have certain reaction to the ingredients in the safflower oil. The parameter is quite simple: anyone who have ragweed allergy will be more likely to show allergic reaction to safflower, too. If the users also not sure about the allergy, then it is suggested to do a patch test.

Take a few drops of the safflower oil and rub them behind the ears and the inner side of the elbow. Both spots are the most sensitive skin among the others. Allow the oil to stay for a few hours before checking the skin condition. If there is a red mark or any burning sensation, then it means the users have problems with safflowers oil. Put the oil back to the rack and opt to the other oils.

It has been several years for safflower oil to spread its charm in the market. Even though it works mainly on skin, safflower oil also has benefits for the other parts of the body. Having a bottle of it is like owning an all in one product!