Best Probiotics for Psoriasis

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People with psoriasis can regenerate their skin condition into healthy, soft and glowing skin by consuming natural probiotics. It is still unknown why skins can suffer from psoriasis. Basically, psoriasis is considered as auto-immune disease which makes certain changes to the skin cells to plaques being connected to chronic skin illness.

So, how do probiotics connect to your immune system? How effective are probiotics for psoriasis? Generally, major immune system of your body is stored inside the gastrointestinal tract. To improve your immune system, you have to improve the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is suggested that you take the best probiotics which can cure your psoriasis.

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is also known as a skin illness which generally occurs as skin plaque. The symptom of the skin plaque is some raised and burning red scraps on the skin enclosed by silvery fair scale. This scraps are usually found anywhere around the body. Luckily, psoriasis is not infectious. It is sometimes considered just as an inconvenient and unappealing spot on your body, but this illness can be such an acute disease.

When psoriasis becomes severe, it can become psoriatic arthritis which is shown by the symptoms like painful joints, swelling joints and inflammations. Psoriatic arthritis has been affecting some Americans. From the fact, it seems that psoriasis has been much more serious illness than what was diagnosed before. Severe psoriatic may lead to some health risks such as Crohn’s illness, obesity, depression, high blood pressure, cancer and heart disease.

From the diseases described previously, it can be seen that psoriatic is not just merely a surface illness. Several treatments have shown some promising results by decreasing the speed of the cell turnover and scaling. However, the perfect and precise treatment has not been found yet.

Psoriasis and Skin Inflammation

There is a connection between psoriasis and skin inflammation. It is believed that inflammation is as the result of body’s response to stress. The stress is gained from strict diets, environment or lifestyle. These kinds of body stress may lead to several illnesses such as aging, cancer, arthritis and also psoriasis.

From the research, it is found that the cause of inflammation is low-level fungal or bacteria infections happened in your body’s blood, cells or tissues. The medical treatment for this infection is by taking some anti-inflammation drugs (ibuprofen, aspirin). However, this infection can only be cured temporary. It is better to take the medical treatment which is able to spot on your health, heal the body from inside, and reduce swelling by curing the contagion.

Gastrointestinal Tract

Your body health can be influenced by the health condition of your digestive tract. The bad bacteria inside your body can be reduced by your immune system. Most immune system is found inside your gastrointestinal tract. This digestive tract contains friendly bacteria or living microorganism which can be used to improve your immune system. These friendly bacteria can also very useful to eliminate the bad bacteria which can cause various diseases in your body.

The friendly bacteria inside your gastrointestinal tract have the essential job to develop and activate the mucosal immune system inside the digestive tract. These friendly bacteria are also able to improve the antibodies productions to fight the body pathogens. The friendly bacteria also have the function to instruct the immune system recognizing and differentiating harmless antigens and bad pathogens. The immune system needs to show proper response when dealing with both non-harmful antigens and dangerous pathogens.

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When the immune system has been able to show appropriate response, the friendly bacteria then do proper actions to prevent the immune system to eliminate the non-harmful antigens. As these friendly antigens are to minimize or eliminate food allergies.

What is Probiotics?

As mentioned previously, probiotics is friendly bacteria inside the digestive tract. There are millions friendly bacteria or probiotics inside your body, however, the numbers of probiotics inside one person to another is not exactly the same. The main function of probiotics is to break down the food you consume and absorb its nutrients. This probiotics is also very useful to protect your body from pathogens.

Two general probiotics found in your digestive tract are bifid bacterium and lactobacillus acidophilus. Lactobacillus acidophilus, or lactobacilli, helps your body improve the absorption of food nutrients. It can also avoid the leaky condition of the gut which can bring deposited toxins into the blood stream. In contrary, bifid bacteria produces vitamins B-complex and reduces the production of nitrates inside the body which can cause the development of cancer. For the skin, vitamin B complex is really crucial to maintain skin health.

There are also other beneficial functions of probiotics for your health. Whatever illnesses that you have, there is always a possibility that these diseases can be cured by probiotics. It is also very easy to integrate the probiotics to your daily lifestyle. It can be added to your body through the foods which contain live microorganism, like yogurts and other diet supplements.

The Relationship between Probiotics and Psoriasis

Probiotics is live microorganism inside the digestive tract and these friendly bacteria are considered to be really good for your body’s health. Probiotics are more than millions inside your body. Each person has different numbers of micro biome – microbes collection. In earlier 1900s, several researches have been conducted on the connection between probiotics and the body’s illnesses. One of the illnesses is psoriasis. It is found that probiotics can be used to cure psoriasis.

Probiotics is also influential to psoriasis. As mentioned before, one psoriasis symptom is body’s inflammation. Inflammation can be considered as how your body responses to certain conditions such as diet, environment or lifestyle. Inflammation itself may lead to severe illness other than psoriasis, like ageing, arthritis, cancer. When you suffer from psoriasis, it means that your body contains more microbes which cause inflammation.

To resolve this problem, you can add more friendly microbes or bacteria to neutralize the microbes inside your digestive tract. The stability of the numbers of bad and good bacteria may also lead to the health improvement as well as stronger immune system. The friendly bacteria or probiotics is your essential factor to normalize your immune system and reduce the irritation.

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How do Probiotics Cure Psoriasis?

Basically, when you suffer from psoriasis, your immune system is not working properly. White blood cells are unable to differentiate between pathogens and antigens. In normal condition, T-cells have the responsibility to eliminate any invaders. Due to impaired immune system, protein (cytokines) takes a full control on T-cells and orders them to destroy guiltless skin. This cytokines can also attack your joints and make them painful and swollen.

To make amend on this cellular damage, your body starts the recovery by replicating the dead cells 10 times quicker than normal condition. This quick process is not followed by quick dead cell shedding. The result is that they begin to accumulate in your body. The areas of the body which have thickened skin are called psoriasis plaques.

People with psoriasis tend to have problem with their immune system. They suffer inflammation and digestive problems. To overcome these problems, there treatment can be by taking probiotics supplements regularly to strengthen the body’s immune system. When people are taking probiotics regularly, this treatment will help their body to produce enough friendly bacteria for reducing the inflammation. These friendly bacteria are to build responsive potent immune for fighting body swelling, getting rid of toxins, and escalating the roles of your immune system.

When probiotics are already inside your digestive tract, they make T-cells identifying antigens and pathogens. Friendly bacteria also involve in the production of antibody to eliminate any intruders. Probiotics also help controlling the harmful bacteria inside the body to always remain harmless. To fill up your body with probiotics, you can consume fermented food. The fermented food is believed to contain lots of probiotics needed for the body.

At the moments, many researchers have been trying to develop some kinds of probiotics which can fully eliminate psoriasis.

Probiotics for Psoriasis

Natural probiotics which are best for psoriasis as they contain lots of bifid bacterium and lactobacillus as follows:

  • thermophilus
  • bifidum
  • longum
  • lactis
  • rhamnosus
  • rhamnous
  • acidophilus


All of those bacteria can be found in yogurt. This yogurt can be easily adjusted to your daily lifestyle if you are looking for some natural probiotics for your body. Besides yogurt, you can find those bacteria from other drinks, tablets, powders, foods, and so on. They can also be found in pickles, sauerkraut, sour milk, etc.

To be very useful for your health, yogurt and other products need to be containing at least 1 billion and maximal 6 billion friendly bacteria every day. To make it more effective, these bacteria need to be resistant against the enzyme inside the body to enable them attaching to gastrointestinal wall to form the colonies of friendly bacteria.

If you decide to consume yogurt as your natural probiotics, you have to make sure only consuming the plain yogurt. To minimize the numbers of live bacteria killed by heat, you have to consume your yogurt in cold state.

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Fresh yogurt can contain more than 100 million bacteria each gram. Make sure that the yogurt hasn’t been put on the shelf for long time. When being stored for long time, some of friendly bacteria have been destructed. Always make sure to get fresher yogurt! Choose yogurt which is already been refrigerated to make sure that these live bacteria are still alive. You can also try to buy yogurt which is stored less than one week as they tend to be the freshest.

Probiotics Supplements

If you don’t really like how natural probiotics taste and smell, you can obtain enough probiotics from some probiotics supplements. Instead of the natural probiotics, the second best probiotics is the supplements. Purchase best probiotics supplements from reliable stores.

Here are tips that you can implement when choosing probiotics supplements:

  1. Make sure that your probiotics are stored inside dark glass bottle to guarantee that the live bacteria are still strong. Check the expiration date of the container to be safe. The container needs to contain labeling which states the importance of refrigeration. This refrigeration instruction is to make sure that the live bacteria always strong and still alive.
  2. Make sure that your probiotics supplements only contain lactobacillus and bifid bacterium. When the supplements contain various types of probiotics bacteria, they may be not in best quality.
  3. Choose powdered supplements rather than tablets or liquids types. When the bacteria are being stored as tablets or liquids, the ability of the bacteria to colonize is reduced or even destroyed.
  4. Make sure that these probiotics supplements are not grown near any dairy to minimize the dairy sensitivity.
  5. To cure certain illness or health condition, choose correct probiotics strains.
  6. If you buy more than one live bacteria, make sure that each type of bacteria are separated. If they are put in the same container, make sure that the manufacturing process has enabled them to live in one area but restrict them from being inseparable.
  7. Read the manuals carefully and always check your body reaction after firstly consuming them. You can suffer from gas or bloating for few days but they will be gone as the day passes by.
  8. Consume the same dosage of probiotics for a week and see any advantages from it.
  9. Stop any activities which may be able to create any advantageous situation for any disease, like smoking, antibiotic use, constant stress, reduced diet, extreme alcohol use and so on.
  10. Don’t take any probiotics it the consumption of probiotics makes your immune system weakened or make you really ill.


Probiotics are necessary to cure psoriasis. Friendly bacteria can help you strengthen your immune system as well as endorse healthier skin. If you are for natural probiotics, consume any fermented foods or drinks. But, you can always consume probiotics supplements if you don’t like the smell and taste of fermented food and drinks.