Best Probiotic For Histamine Intolerance

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It is good to have healthy body. That is why most people are updating themselves about the latest health trend. Unfortunately, some people get sick instead of securing better being. How could this happen? Everything that comes from the nature should be good for body, right? It is probably because the person has histamin intolerance.

Best Probiotic For Histamine Intolerance

What Is Histamine?

First of all, histamine is far from the “strange substance” description. In fact, this agent is found in human body. To be exact, the chemical could be found in immune system as well as central nervous system. Moreover, histamin is a must have acid to help stomach digest all the foods properly. Thus, histamine is not harmful at all.

Aside from its main function in digestion system, histamine also has one more function; as the warning sign for the immune system. Whenever the system is interrupted by potential attacker, histamine will serve as the first barricade. It urges the blood vessel to swell, pointing to the attacker directly so white blood cell could find it immediately. One famous work of histamine is runny nose during spring season.

In addition to the swelling, histamine might also cause several other side effects while it is in action. Some of them are headache, itchiness, flushed feeling, etc. The side effects shown on a person is usually different from the other persons. It depends on each person’s immune system. The weaker the immune is, the more side effects occur.

If Histamine Is Good, Why Some People Have Histamine Intolerant?

Once the problem has been tackled by white blood cell, the system should break down the histamine. If the system fails to do so, then the side effects last longer will last longer than expected. This condition is called histamine intolerance. There are various enzyme that could do the break down process. It will depend on the area where histamine reacts.

However, in certain condition the number of this enzyme might not be enough to break the histamine. There are also some other possible reasons for histamine intolerance. It is the intestinal permeability and bacteria overgrowth. Both problems go to one single organ: the gut. When the gut system in gut is not balanced, there will be problems with histamine breaking process.

What Does It Have To Do With Probiotics?

As mentioned on the product label, probiotics are great for strengthening human immune system. The question is: how? It turns out that probiotics give more army for histamine troops. In the other words, consuming probiotics means the person is nurturing more histamine inside the digestive system. That, would be the least thing a histamine intolerant patient wants.

The high strain probiotics works to double the number of histamine agent in the body. It is not only probiotics, but also kefir, homemade sauerkraut, etc. Basically, anything that goes for long period of fermentation has the potential to include high level of histamine. However, not all probiotic is high strain. Some of them are low strain, while the rests are in neutral strain side.

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Which Probiotics Belong To High Strain Group?

As mentioned above, several fermented product contain bacteria that will exacerbate the production of histamine. Two of them are yoghurt and fermented foods. Slow cooked foods like bone broth is also known to increase the number of histamine in the body. Unless the person could handle the pain from the side effects, it is better to avoid the mentioned items.

In high strain group, the bacterias are lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus bulgaricus. Even though each person might react differently to these bacterias, trials might not be the best choice.

How to Recognize The Beneficial Probiotics?

For histamine intolerant patients, consuming the low strain or at least the neutral probiotics would be much better option. The concern is the process of choosing such probiotics in the market. For a brainy patients, they might be able to remember the list of low strain probiotics. The function is to suppress the growth of histamine acid. They are lactobacillus rhamnosus, bifidobacterium infantis, bifidobacterium longum, and lactobacillus plantarum.

Another way to notice the beneficial probiotics is by looking for products with specific label. Pay close attention to the plastic cover of the item. A safe probiotics should have “for every day”, “for travelling abroad”, “for your cholesterol” or “for those on antibiotics” mark. For safer option, the person could take the probiotics for babies and children, too.

Once again, those who have histamine intolerant should understand that each person has different level of reaction. Therefore, asking for friend’s recommendation is not suggested. Whether they like it or not, there must be several trials and errors or even combination of products.

In some cases, the patients want to have certain probiotics product that could carry certain benefit. This condition applies for them who have specific health concern. If so, then the patients are suggested to do quick research before purchasing probiotics items. Don’t forget that histamine is build from bacteria. Therefore, it is important to write down the exact name of the bacteria for related disease.

It is important to know that not every items provided in the market is safe for consumption. Before putting the product into the shopping bag, it is better to check whether the brand has clinically tested towards human. This single point is crucial as the probiotics has to pass through the acidic environment inside the stomach. If a product misses this label, then the patients could pick another brand.

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Is There Any Suggested Dosage?

Remember that the initial intention of consuming probiotics is to get healthy body. Since the intolerance signs are shown, the patients then prefer to take the low strain or neutral probiotics. Each product has its own dosage, but it is not necessary to follow it to the alphabet. The recommended dosage to take is 1/10 from the suggested amount. On the next day, the dosage could go up or down based on the physical condition.

If The Condition Doesnt Change, Is There Any Possible Reason For The Intolerance?

Even though this case rarely happens, some patients might experience the side effect of histamine intolerance after taking the low strain probiotics. Instead of getting paranoid and saying something is wrong with the guts, the patients might want to look at the form of probiotics consumed. Don’t forget that the commercial item might have plenty of additive and fillers.

Those who take powder probiotics is less likely to experience prolonged side effects. It is because powdered probiotics seldom put any additional substance. It also works that way for probiotics packed inside vegetable capsule. Even if there is any additive, it is few to none. The group that should be worried are those who consume probiotics in tablets and chewing gum.

Both products are often mixed with a lot of fillers and additives, flavoring in particular. Especially for those who have high sensitivity, the prolonged pain might be caused by the fillers, not the probiotics. Try to consume the powdered one. If the side effects still occur, then call doctors for help.

There is one more reason for histamin intolerance. It is the bad condition of the gut.  The patients who are diagnosed with this condition have to take extra care of their gut. It produces bacterias, which then build up histamine. For one reason or the other, gut may over produce the bacterias, triggering the allergic effects to appear. In this case, the treatment should be aimed directly to the gut.

Another reason for the intolerance is the mast cell. It is a part of immune system, which function is activating histamine. This cell might get infected by several factors, thus sending wrong signal to the body. As the result, a load of histamine are produced and pop up the allergies reaction.

What Should The Patients Do To Avoid The Second Histamine Intolerance Outbreak?

Unless an individual has problem with overloaded histamine number, no one could really picture the feeling of not being able to consume a lot of delicious cuisine. Surely, there are some ways to avoid the second outbreak without too much “nos” for daily nutrition intake.

  • Take Care Of The Guts

When the intolerant signs are shown, the first suspected organ is guts. Even though in most cases, the doctors will mention something about bad digestion and immune system. While in fact, guts are the main focus for histamine intolerant problem. As the utmost rule, the patients are not allowed to consume anything that could add the number of histamine. For example: yoghurt and any form of fermented dairy products.

In order to balance the histamine production, the patients are suggested to take low strain probiotics. It will help to cut out the histamine stock. As an alternative, soil based organisms are also safe to be included in daily diet. Another regular nutrition the patients should take is prebiotic fibers and resistant starch. Don’t worry, these two could be found in natural foods instead of in supplements form.

One delicious source of resistant starch is unripened green banana. Make sure to make a smoothies, since the banana is not suitable for raw snack. The patients could also take cooked potatoes. Don’t forget to cool it down. Stay away from potato starch, as it will worsen the symptoms by telling mast cell to produce more histamine.

  • Keep The Diet On Check

One sad truth about histamine intolerance is the patients could not fully recover. The condition will last forever and the best thing they could do is to control the outbreak. One option is by paying attention to the daily nutrition intake. Several good foods for the patients include selenium, quercetin, vitamin C, stinging nettle and ECGC.

In case of mast cell activation that goes out of control, selenium is the best cure for it. This compound could stop the histamine production and reduce the painful effect of the histamine intolerant. On the other hand, Quercetin is an agent found in capers, citrus, apples, onions and almost in any kind of fruits. Just like Selenium, this chemical agent is able to control mast cell activation and also the histamine release system.

For softer take over, the patients could take vitamin C regularly. This acid nutrient helps mast cell to work normally, without any urge to produce histamine when it is less needed. As for stinging nestle, it tends to control the number of histamine released in response to allergen attack. Since the body could not break the histamine in time, stinging nettle reduces it. Thus, the allergic effect won’t last long.

The last nutrient, ECGC, is a part of catechin found in green tea. As predicted, this agent also control mast cell activity. For this reason, many doctors recommend the patients to consume green tea at least twice a day; in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • Keep the Liver Healthy

It sounds unfair if the trick of histamine controlling is only applied to the histamine producing organ. What about the organ that produces an enzyme that could neutralize histamine? Yes, liver is the producer of HNMT, the mentioned enzyme. For histamine intolerance patients, it is important to keep liver healthy, as it would help the breaking process.

The first step to do so is by avoiding fried foods as well as excessive sugar. Both contains quite high amount of toxic that makes liver works harder than usual. To promote healthier liver, it is suggested to consume bright colored fruits and vegetables, since they are rich of polyphenols. The last effort the patients have to do is exercising regularly or being active for the whole day.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Whether it is low or high, alcohol is the major DAO inhobitor. As expected, this agent is not good for the histamine intolerant patients.

Since histamin intolerance is quite similar to allergy, most patients don’t realize this problem until they consume the high histamin product: probiotic. Luckily, there are several safe probiotic items for them. However, it takes trials to find the digestible brand. If these products don’t work, the person is suggested to undergo thorough medical checkup.