Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the Most Effective Way to Kill Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs can really be serious problems now. They tend to be very hard to manage as they are always good to hide inside tiny crevices and cracks all around the house. This condition makes them hard to identify and destroy. Their tiny sizes and the place they hide are not easy to find.

Most home owners just leave the bed bug problem to the pest control companies to find and destroy them. But, it is not cheap hiring the professionals. Evolved bed bugs are now being resistant against the bed bug insecticides. Due to their insecticides resistance, most pest control agents have tried many different ways to find the solutions to kill these bed bugs.

The spread of bed bugs have been massively happening until it reaches its epidemic portions. These bed bugs are found everywhere around the country. They become massive as the pesticides are not able to control them anymore. They have spread in apartments, hotels, dry cleaners, hospitals, jails, cruise ships, churches, dorm rooms, private homes and also some stores. Most people have reported that they are bitten by bed bugs.

As pesticides fail to kill them, the urge need of new breakthrough is being anticipated to stop the massive epidemic of the bed bugs. Some pest control companies have invented heat as the means to destroy the bed bugs without contaminating the environments. Heat is able to eliminate the bugs along with their eggs.

The heat treatment only requires one time treatment and it is much more effective in the prize compared to the chemical control. When using chemicals to eliminate the bugs, the owners need to replace the beddings or the mattresses and it sure is not cheap.

Bed Bugs

Their body size is oval and small. They live hid inside the dark areas which are near their sources of food. They usually look for food during the night time. Their body length size is about ¼ inches up to 3/8 inches. Their body colors are red-brown or mahogany.

The spreading of the bed bugs has started long before 1900s. They have spread into hotels, homes, and dormitories. They attack of the bed bugs were able to decrease using DDT pesticides. But, the spreading has become massive since the use of DDT pesticides was being banned. The other reasons for this massive spread are the global travel increasing and also the pesticide resistance of the bed bugs.

Bed bugs are parasite pests. Their food comes from the hosts’ blood. They are also being famous for being difficult to destroy. Generally, they can hide anywhere near their hosts’ blood or hosts’ beds. They can infest on spring beds, mattresses, baseboards or carpets. They are also able to hide inside the wall or small cracks on the floor, etc. Other areas for bed bugs are suitcases, bags, clothing, or any other cloth materials sitting near the bed are suitable for them.

Besides the cloth materials, bed bugs are also hiding inside the chasing of windows and door, photo frames, untied wallpapers, or other available crevices. Bed bugs attached their eggs or themselves into the beddings, clothing or hiding inside the baggage. They are also hidden inside the used mattresses or furniture. They can also being carried by bats or birds.

The bites from bed bugs are sometimes noticeable and sometimes are not by most of the bite victims. When the bites are not noticeable, it is hard to figure out if the pest treatment is working or not. Some people are showing some symptoms like welts, sores or allergic symptom to the bites. In contrary, some people don’t show any kinds of symptoms completely.

Among all cases of contagious disease transmissions which are being reported up to now, it is shown that bed bugs are known to transmit up to 28 pathogens of transmitted contagious diseases. One pathogen is hepatitis B as this virus is found inside the droppings. The infections from bacteria are also possible to happen when the bites generate some wide-opened sores.

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Heat Treatments

Heat is one modern treatment proved to be very effective to kill the infestation of the bed bugs. It offers several advantages for bed bugs extermination. It is surely free toxic. This treatment is proven to be able to destroy all stages of bed bugs lives even the bed bug eggs. But, the treatment using heat is still expensive is not equipped with residual treatments. It can make the bed bugs grow again after the treatment day. However, treating the bed bugs by heating is still much more effective compared to other treatments.

The heat can also be implemented through several varied ways to destroy the bed bugs. If the heat comes from steam, it can destroy the bed bugs which are being manifested inside the rugs, upholstered interiors and behind the boards. Hot dryer, for example, is effective to get rid of the bugs inside the home objects. Heat partitions can kill the bed bugs attached to the furniture. If you install pro heat system, you can kill the bed bugs manifested around the whole rooms and wall structures.

Several researches have been conducted to figure out the height of the temperature degree needed to kill the bed bugs along with their eggs. This degree is being called as thermal points of death. The thermal point of the bed bugs death is being affected by the length of the exposure and the temperature.

When being exposed continuously for minimal 90 minutes with 113 degree Fahrenheit heat, the bed bugs die. Moreover, they can die only after 20 minutes being exposed with the heat maximum 118 degree Fahrenheit. For the bed bugs eggs, they have to being exposed with the heat of 118 degree for about 90 minutes to die completely 100%.

The heat treatment for all house rooms needs to be conducted with 113 degree Fahrenheit to reach its maximum result. To be completely effective, the heat treatment is executed by using some strong fans to circulate the heat currents all over the area inside of the room. The rapid flows of the heat are able to spread all over the place and able to destroy the bed bugs and their eggs.

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Heat Treatment Methods

There are several methods of heat treatment that can be implemented in the house to kill the bed bugs. The methods are:

Steam Treatment

The heat treatment through steam is very effective to kill all kinds of bed bugs infestations all over the house. But, this stream treatment is not able to conduct intensive measure as it is able to reach deep places where the bugs hide. It can only reach thin surfaces of the beds, like frames, or boxes, blankets, pillows, and curtains. The steam treatments, fortunately, can be used for different items and it doesn’t damage them.

Hot Box Treatment

The hot box is also effective to kill bed bugs. You need to set the temperature inside the hot box about 117 degree to 122 degree Fahrenheit. You can put your shoes, blankets, clothes, dried-cleaning items or your baggage inside the hot box to kill all bed bugs stages.

The way you heat your hot box really matters. You have to make sure that you follow the manuals correctly and carefully. If you do it incorrectly, you can cause some fires. Understand the manuals completely to determine which household things that is easily broken when being treated inside the hot box. Also, properly treat all heat sources inside your house like your stovetop gas. Don’t cause any dangerous incidents by not taking care of it.

Dryer Treatment

Dryer for clothes can also be used to kill the bed bugs. When you are washing your clothes and other washable items, the mixture of washing detergent and water is already able to kill the bed bugs. However, there are some belongings or items which are not washable like dolls, suit, coat or jacket and other items. These can only be treated by dry cleaning.

When using washing machine’s dryer, set the heat on high level and expose the items with the heat for about 20 minutes. Before placing the items inside the dryer, make sure all of them are being able to put. It the stuffs are big enough, don’t force them inside the dryer as it will damage them. After the treatment, separate the treated items from the untreated ones, as the bed bugs can easily move from one place to another.

Heating Treatment inside the House

How does the house heating treatment work? It is basically increasing the heat temperature inside the house into certain level to kill all the manifested bed bugs. The temperature is supposed to be 117 degree Fahrenheit. However, the installation of this house thermal treatment is still considered effective but it is really effective to destroy the bed bugs.

When being correctly and properly installed, this thermal system is able to provide the pest control. Generally, there is still some bed bugs activities take place after the treatment. But, usually, the house thermal treatment is always accompanied by pesticide control to make the treatment much more effective.

When you have problems with bed bugs inside the house, mind these tips to work with:

  • Be sure that your house is being attacked by bed bugs and not any other pests. Try to match the pest with its identification pictures to be certain.
  • Don’t Worry! Although bed bugs are sometimes hard to eliminate, there is always effective way or method to destroy them. Don’t easily throw away your beds, blankets or other items. You will cost a fortune if you buy new things just to get rid of the bed bugs that can be treated. Furthermore, you can make other people suffer by throwing out your used items without treating them correctly. you can always burn down your used furniture to avoid someone else gets yours.
  • Decide your bed bugs treatments. Try not to use pesticides to treat the bed bugs. If you have to use them, carefully follow the manuals. Don’t be hesitating to hire professional pest control when dealing with pesticides.
  • Decrease the location of the bed bugs manifesting. You can always limit the location of their spreading by cleaning the clutter up. The cluttered house offers lots of areas for bed bugs hiding. When you think that the bed bugs are inside the mattress, you can cover your mattress with some special covers or you can use the box spring. The cover and the box spring are quite hard to penetrate.
  • Wash regularly and dry clean frequently on your belongings like blankets, beddings, clothes, bedspread, cloths which have a contact with the floor. It can decrease the infestation of the bed bugs and their eggs. Don’t forget to also clean your laundry bags as the bed bugs can be easily attached to them.
  • Destroy the bugs with thermal treatment. Just what mentioned before, there are some heat treatments you can use to kill the bed bugs completely. Just choose one which is suitable for you. Be safe!
  • Clean all furniture by vacuuming them regularly and thoroughly. By vacuuming your furniture and items, you can decrease the number of bed bugs in your house. Do it regularly! After vacuuming, don’t forget to change the vacuum bag and seal the used bag tightly so that the bed bugs trapped inside the bag can’t make the escape from it. Put the used vacuum bag that has been sealed outside the house or inside the trash basket.
  • Consult the professional pest control if you think that all efforts that you have done can’t get rid of the bed bugs inside your house. It can be very expensive, but if you can destroy them, then why not?

Don’t be stressed out or frustrated when you have bed bugs inside your house. They can be eliminated by using several effective ways and methods. Just don’t give up when one method is not working well. Try other methods! Professional service is always available anytime. Fighting!